Purdue University Dairy Club

Purdue University Dairy Club


What is Purdue Dairy Club?

Purdue Dairy Club is a student-lead organization within the College of Agriculture. The Dairy Club is actively involved in community service, outreach and education, and campus events. Throughout the year, farm tours are taken and give members the opportunity to see different sizes and styles of dairy farming. Members are also able to clip and show cows at the Legacy Sale and Judging Invitational, attend conferences with other college students across the midwest, and network with professors and students who share a common interest in cows. The Dairy Club has become like a second family to many as club members spend time working together to plan events while also participating in club socials. Many members share that their favorite part of the club is making new friends and having a place to relax and have fun amidst the stress of school.

Do you have to come from a dairy farm to join the club?

No, you don’t have to come from a dairy farm or have any prior dairy knowledge to be a part of the dairy club. The majority of our members are from the College of Agriculture but there are also members from engineering, liberal arts, and other majors. Only a small handful of club members grew up on a dairy farm with about 50% having little to no dairy experience. It is a great opportunity to learn more about dairy cattle and to gain hands on experience with cows. We love being able to teach others about cows in hopes that they will be able to share what they have learned with others.

Do you have to do anything to join Purdue Dairy Club?

Purdue Dairy Club is open to any student at Purdue University and there is no application to join. In order to attend club sponsored events or trips, we ask that each student pay dues of $12/semester or $20/year. These dues help to cover some of the transportation, food, and speaker fees that benefit the entire club. What each club member gets out of their involvement in the club is a direct reflection of how much time and commitment they put in.

 When are the Purdue Dairy Club meetings?

The Purdue Dairy Club meetings take place on every other Wednesdays at 7:00pm at Purdue University. Typically at the meetings, we will have a speaker from the dairy industry to share their career and dairy knowledge with us. These speakers are chosen based on the club members’ interests and what they would like to learn more about. Along with the speakers, club members are informed of upcoming events and they have the chance to work in committees and gain leadership skills. Some meetings there will be food and other ice-breaker games.

I am a dairy producer or involved in the dairy industry, how can I be involved in the club?

Purdue Dairy Club credits much of its success to the active involvement of dairy producers and industry leaders. Ways of involvement include donating dairy products at Milk Monday and Fall Freeze, sponsoring our Legacy Sale through monetary as well as supply donations, or coming to speak with our club. We appreciate the support of local farmers allowing us to visit their farms and are always looking for a variety of farms. Additionally, we try to provide our club members with interesting speakers at our meetings and would love to have you come talk to us. If you are interesting in becoming involved, you can email the club at purduedairyclub1@gmail.com or contact the individual listed under a specific activity on the Activities page.