Purdue University Dairy Club

Purdue University Dairy Club

Purdue Dairy Club 2015


Our Mission:


The Purdue University Dairy Club is a student-run organization dedicated to promoting the dairy industry through community service, club activities, and educational events.


The Dairy Club is comprised of students at Purdue studying a variety of disciplines, yet all having a general interest of dairy production, management, and dairy processing.


The Dairy Club currently has over 65 members and three club advisors.


Why You Should Join The Purdue Dairy Club:


• To gain hands-on experience with cows and learn how dairy impacts our daily lives.


• To network with Purdue Alumni and professionals in the dairy industry.


• To meet students with similar interests and have a passion for the dairy dairy industry.


• To attend educational seminars, conferences, and dairy farms across the Midwest.


• To participate in the annual Purdue Dairy Showmanship Contest.


• To build you leadership skills as an officer of committee chairperson.