Purdue University Dairy Club

Purdue University Dairy Club

Purdue Dairy Club 2017


Our Mission:


"The mission of the Purdue dairy club is three-fold. Firstly, to provide a welcoming and stimulating environment for students who are interested in or involved with the Dairy industry to come together and interact with one another, sharing our knowledge and experiences and fostering connections and community. Secondly, we hope to provide opportunities for our members to enrich themselves through hands-on experiences within the dairy industry, attending educational seminars and conferences, and in-club leadership opportunities. Every year we take members all over the Midwest to events like World Dairy Expo, ADSA conference and farm tours. Our last and most important mission is to promote the dairy industry and the hard working people who work in it as well as educate the public at large about the ways in which the Dairy industry impacts our economy and our lives. We promote our club and our industry through events on campus such as Fall Freeze, where we hand out free ice cream, and Milk Monday, where we make some grilled cheese to hand out to students. We view education as the most critical part of our club, and we achieve this through our club organized events."



Why You Should Join The Purdue Dairy Club:


• To gain hands-on experience with cows and learn how dairy impacts our daily lives.


• To network with Purdue Alumni and professionals in the dairy industry.


• To meet students with similar interests and have a passion for the dairy dairy industry.


• To attend educational seminars, conferences, and dairy farms across the Midwest.


• To participate in the annual Purdue Dairy Showmanship Contest.


• To build you leadership skills as an officer of committee chairperson.