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Manure application to soils can yield multiple benefits, yet many people often do not know where to locate it. This site is intended to bring together those having manure with those needing manure. It is strongly recommended that all manure listed on this site have a manure analysis performed on it, and the results listed accordingly. A manure analysis will enable the user to spread manure at agronomic rates, thus reducing the potential for ground and surface water contamination. Six months from the day of posting, your listing will be automatically deleted from the database. This site is maintained by Purdue University Extension. As Purdue University Extension or any other cooperating agency has not inspected the manure, no guarantee of quality is assumed. Certain state rules and regulations may apply to the sale/transfer of manure or application of manure.

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Manure Testing Laboratories

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IDEM Confined Feeding Operations

Indiana NRCS

Technical Service Providers for Nutrient Management Planning

Michigan's Manure Resources Network

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Custom Manure Applicators

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