Purdue University Pork Interest Group (PIG)

Upcoming Events

February 23 - Pork Interest Group Meeting
6:30-7:30 pm in Lilly 3-113
Guest Speaker: Dr. Amy Woods
Title: What's Best for the Anmal?
A close look at the Veterinarianís Oath in practice and the key differences in the ethics and science that drive care for companion animals versus today's farm animals. For food animal veterinarians, what's best for the animal is often based on what's best for the herd.


Web Sites

Town square for information about internships, scholarships, college and career information in the swine industry

"Water Quality and Issues for Hog Production" Webinar
The October 27, 2015 webinar was recorded and is available on Vimeo. Links to the individual videos are:
- Part 1: What are the issues?, presented by Dr. Brian Richert, Purdue Animal Sciences
- Part 2: Water treatment options for swine production, presented by Dr. Ernest Blatchley, Purdue Civil Engineer
- Part 3: Veterinary case studies, presented by Dr. Tom Gillespie, Swine Veterinarian, Rensselaer Veterinary Services


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