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Purdue Sheep and Meat Goat Extension Publications:

Animal Exposure Awareness

Blood Sampling in Sheep

Body Condition Scoring in Farm Animals

Breeding Soundness of Rams and Bucks

Common Diseases and Health Problems in Sheep and Goats

Digestive System and Nutrient Needs of Meat Goats

Estrus Detection in Farm Animals

The Face Fly

Famacha Score your Meat Goat

Footrot in Sheep and Goats

Hoof Anatomy, Care and Management in Livestock

How to Conduct a Fecal Egg Count in Sheep and Goats

Managing Internal Parasitism in Sheep and Goats

Meat Processing Options for Small Farms

Methods of Livestock Identification

Mycotoxin Concerns in Sheep and Meat Goat Feeding

Obtaining a Blood Sample from your Small Ruminant

Parturition in Livestock

The Sound Sheep: Feet and Legs

The Sound Sheep: Mouth and Eyes

Starting a Meat Goat Operation

Tube Feeding Young Lambs and Kids

Using CIDRS in a Synchronized Sheep Breeding Program

Value of Distiller's Grains as a Feed for Sheep

Zearalenone Concerns in Reproducing Livestock