4-H and Youth:

4-H Club Goat Guide (Mississippi State University)

4-H Meat Goat Guide (Texas A&M University)

4-H Show Lamb Guide (Texas A&M University)

Animal Exposure Awareness (Purdue University)

Basic Show Lamb Feeding and Care (Utah State University)

Basic Tips for 1st Year Junior Livestock Market Projects (Utah State University)

Biosecurity Precautionary Measures for Sheep & Goat Show Persons (University of Maine)

Body Parts of a Lamb (Texas A&M University)

Club Goat Showmanship (Mississippi State University)

Exercise Plan for Your Market Lamb (South Dakota State University)

Expediting the Weigh-in Process for Your Market Animal Project (South Dakota State University)

Feeding Management for Show Lambs (University of Arizona)

Feeding Steps to Success (South Dakota State University)

Fundamentals in Sheep Judging (University of Illinois)

Handling Market Lambs (Colorado State University)

Hard Work, Practice, and Repetition (South Dakota State University)

Hazards of Getting Sick from Contact with Farm Animals at Fairs and Petting Zoos (University of Hawaii)

Indiana 4-H Youth Development

It's Showtime, Get Your Show Box Ready! (South Dakota State University)

Judging Your Way to Success (South Dakota State University)

Lamb Showmanship (Mississippi State University)

Managing and Showing Market Goats (University of Arkansas)

Market Goat Showmanship from Start to Finish (Kansas State University)

Market Lamb Project Guide: Health Care Management (Mississippi State University)

Market Lamb Project Guide: Nutrition (Mississippi State University)

Market Lamb Project Guide: Show Lamb Selection & Development (Mississippi State University)

Market Lamb Showmanship from Start to Finish (Kansas State University)

Meat Goat Athletes (South Dakota State University)

Meat Goat Showmanship (Oklahoma State University)

Preventing E. coli Infection at Petting Zoos and Farm Animal Fairs (University of Hawaii)

Sheep: From the Animal's Point of View (University of California)
- Part 1 - What Does It Mean to Be a Sheep?
- Part 2 - Sheep Housing: Designing a Sheep Habitat
- Part 3 - Sheep Nutrition: What You Need to Know
- Part 4 - Sheep Disease
- Part 5 - Sheep Care and Responsibility

Sheep Showmanship (Oklahoma State University)

Sheep Skill-a-thon: Sheep Breeds Station (South Dakota State University)

Show Lamb Selection (Utah State University)

Tips for Beginning a Livestock Project: Market Lambs (Utah State University)

Tips for the Market Lamb 4-H Project (Purdue University)

Wool Selection 101 (South Dakota State University)

Working With Livestock (University of Illinois)

Youth Livestock Exhibitors as Ambassadors for Animal Agriculture (Purdue University)