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American Polypay Sheep Association

Angelo State University Meat Goat Performance Test

Dakota Performance Ram Test

National Sheep Improvement Program

New Zealand Sheepbreeders Association

Ontario Suffolk Sire Reference Association

Texas A&M San Angelo Ram Performance Test

University of Wyoming Ram Test



Basic Sheep Genetics (University of Kentucky)

Breed Options for Meat Goat Production in Alabama (Auburn University)

Breeding Options for a Commercial Sheep Flock (Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs)

Breeding Programs and Ram Selection for the Production of Replacement Ewes in Iowa (Iowa State University)

Breeds and Production Traits of Meat Goats (North Carolina State University)

Criteria to Select Goat Breeding Stock (Auburn University)

Crossbreeding Considerations in Sheep (University of Kentucky)

Crossbreeding for Profit (University of Maryland)

Economically Important Wool Traits (South Dakota State University)

Ewe Selection for Starting a Flock (Iowa State University)

Flock Improvement Through Ram Selection (Oklahoma State University)

Inbreeding in Sheep (University of Kentucky)

Meat Goat Breeds and Breeding Plans (Goatworld)

Meat Goat Selection (Mississippi State University)

National Sheep Improvement Program: Performance-Based Data You Can Rely On (South Dakota State University)

Performance Evaluation for Small Ruminants (Auburn University)

Ram Selection (University of Illinois)

Ram Selection: A Critical Decision (University of Illinois)

Recommendations for Sheep Selection Programs (Iowa State University)

Selection and Culling Decision Making for Hair Sheep Producers (University of Arkansas)

The Selection of Replacement Ewes, and the Use of Records and Visual Appraisal to Help in that Selection (University of Illinois)

The Selection of Replacement Females: The Key to a Successful Long-Term Sheep Program (University of Illinois)

Sheep Breeding: Heritability, EBVs, EPDs and the NSIP (University of Kentucky)

Sheep Breeds (South Dakota State University)

Sheep Selection (Auburn University)

Some Ideas About Crossbreeding Sheep (Oklahoma State University)

Spider Syndrome (Oklahoma State University)

What Is Size? (University of Illinois)

Why Should Producers Keep Production and Performance Records On Their Sheep? (University of Illinois)