Lamb and Kid Management:

Abomasal Bloat (University of Maryland)

Colostrum and Health of Newborn Lambs (Iowa State University)

Colostrum: "Liquid Gold" (University of Maryland)

Creep Feeding Primer (University of Maryland)

Creeps and Creep Feeding (University of Illinois)

Disbudding Kid Goats (Texas A&M University)

Docking, Castrating, and Disbudding (University of Maryland)

Early Weaning Lambs (North Dakota State University)

Effect of Sorting and Feeding Management Practices on Finished Lamb Shrink Loss (South Dakota State University)

Ensure a Healthy Lamb Crop (Purdue University)

Feeding Lambs from Weaning to Market (University of Illinois)

Floppy Kid Syndrome (Fading Kid Syndrome) (Louisiana State University)

Grafting: A Lamb Saving Management Tool (University of Illinois)

The Ideal Lambing Season (Purdue University)

Importance of Lamb Nutrition Management to Avoid Acidosis (South Dakota State University)

Increasing Lamb Survival (Purdue University)

Is Creep Feeding Lambs a Profitable Undertaking? (University of Kentucky)

Lamb Feeding Simplified (Iowa State University)

Management of Ewes and Lambs at Weaning (Purdue University)

Newborn Lamb Care Management (South Dakota State University)

Newborn Lamb Management (Virginia Tech)

Preventing Diseases in Lambs (Purdue University)

Production-Oriented Lamb Marketing (University of Kentucky)

Profitable Artificial Rearing of Lambs (Virginia Tech)

Raising Lambs and Kids Artificially (University of Maryland)

Ram Lamb Management (Iowa State University)

Reducing Baby Mortality (Iowa State University)

Tube Feeding Neonatal Small Ruminants (Washington State University)

Tube Feeding Young Lambs and Kids (Video) (Purdue University)

Tube a Lamb, Save a Life (Utah State University)

Weaning Primer (University of Maryland)

The Welfare of Docking and Castrating Lambs (University of Maryland)