All About Border Collies (United States Border Collie Club)

Body Condition Scoring in Farm Animals (Purdue University)

Disaster Readiness for Goat and Sheep Producers (Louisiana State University)

Flock Calendar Outline (North Dakota State University)

Livestock Guarding Dog Fact Sheet (USDA)

Livestock Management and Water Quality (Washington State University)

Livestock Tagging (Oklahoma State University)

Methods of Livestock Identification (Purdue University)

"A Short Pencil Is Better Than a Long Memory" (University of Illinois)

Small Ruminant Management: Winter, Kidding, & Lambing Seasons (Auburn University)

Small Ruminant Pocket Guide (Auburn University)



Body Condition Scoring of Sheep (Oregon State University)

Body Condition Scoring of Sheep (University of Arkansas)

Condition Scoring of Ewes (Iowa State University)

Developing a Sheep Enterprise (University of Kentucky)

Farm Ewe Flocks - Once-a-Year Lambing (Kansas State University)

Getting Ready for the Shearer: A Checklist for Maine Sheep & Wool Producers (University of Maine)

Getting Started With Sheep: Emphasis on a Commercial Operation (University of Illinois)

Guide to Raising Dairy Sheep (University of Wisconsin)

Guide to Raising Healthy Sheep (University of Wisconsin)

Introduction to Sheep Production in Ontario Manual (Ontario Sheep Marketing Agency)

Keeping and Using Flock Performance Records (University of Kentucky)

Management Guidelines for Efficient Sheep Production (Iowa State University)

Managing the Replacement Ewe Lamb (Iowa State University)

Off-Season and Accelerated Lamb Production (Pennsylvania State University)

A Planning Calendar for Sheep Herd Health and Management (Oklahoma State University)

Preparing Sheep for Pasture (University of Illinois)

Setting Up for Sheep Foot Inspection & Trimming (University of Maine)

Shearing Out of the Mainstream: One Group's Solution (University of Illinois)

Sheep Health and Management (Oklahoma State University)

Sheep Identification (Iowa State University)

Sheep Identification Systems (University of Kentucky)

Sheep Management Schedule (Virginia Tech)

Sheep Production Guide (Oregon State University)

Sheep Production and Management (New Mexico State University)

Sheep Shearing (University of Massachusetts)

Sheep Shearing Facts (North Dakota State University)

Spring Lamb Production (Penn State University)

Starting a Sheep Enterprise (Oklahoma State University)

Sustainable Sheep Production Skills and Knowledge List (University of Maine)


Meat Goats:

Basic Meat Goat Facts (North Carolina State University)

Boer Goat Production: Progress and Perspective (University of Hawaii)

Efficient Handling of Meat Goats (University of Maryland)

Food Safety for Meat Goat Producers (Clear Creek Farms)

Goat Production Basics in Kentucky (University of Kentucky)

Guide to Raising Healthy Goats (University of Wisconsin)

Intermountain Meat Goat Production Calendar (Utah State University)

Management of Goats for Controlling Noxious Weeds: A Primer (University of Idaho)

Meat Goat Management (Mississippi State University)

Meat Goat Management Wheel (University of Missouri)

Meat Goat Production (Penn State University)

Meat Goat Production and Budgeting (Ohio State University)

Meat Goat Production Calendar (University of Arkansas)

Meat Goat Production Handbook (South Africal Boer Goats)

Meat Goat Production in Georgia (University of Georgia)

Meat Goat Selection, Carcass Evaluation and Fabrication Guide (large pdf file) (Louisiana State University)

Monitoring the Body Condition of Meat Goats: A Key to Successful Management (North Carolina State University)

Tattooing of Cattle and Goats (University of Arkansas)

Using Goats for Brush Control as a Business Strategy (University of Arkansas)