Reproduction and Breeding:

Estrus and Breeding:

Artificial Insemination and Embryo Transfer in Goats (North Carolina State University)

A Breeding Program for a Fall Lambing Program (Oklahoma State University)

Breeding Replacement Ewe Lambs (University of Illinois)

Diagnosing Pregnancy in Ewes (Iowa State University)

The Estrous Cycle in Does (Auburn University)

Estrus Detection in Farm Animals (Purdue University)

Goat Species Symposium: Assisted Reproduction in Goats (University of Maryland)

Heat Detection and Breeding in Meat Goats (North Carolina State University)

Improving Reproductive Performance of the Ewe (Utah State University)

Increasing Successful Reproduction Among Goats and Sheep (Auburn University)

Preparation for Breeding Goats (South Dakota State University)

Preparing the Flock for the Breeding Season (Virginia Tech)

Preparing Meat Goats for the Breeding Season (North Carolina State University)

Productivity of Ewes Bred at 6- or 8-Month Intervals (Iowa State University)

Pseudopregnancy in Goats (Louisiana State University)

Sheep Pregnancy Checking by Ultrasonic Sound (University of Missouri)

To Breed or Not to Breed: Breeding Ewe Lambs and Doelings (University of Maryland)

Use of the EAZI-BREED Sheep CIDR in Spring Mated Ewes (South Dakota State University)

Using CIDRs in a Synchronized Sheep Breeding Program (Video) (Purdue University)


Lambing and Kidding:

Dealing with Difficult Births at Lambing (Purdue University)

Dystocia (Difficult Lambing) (Utah State University)

Dystocia (Lambing Problems) (Iowa State University)

Farm Animal Obstetrics (University of Alaska)

Getting Ready for Lambing and Kidding (University of Maryland)

Have You Prepared Your Barn for Lambing? (University of Illinois)

Managing the Kidding Season (University of Arkansas)

Managing Perinatal Mortality in Goats (University of Arkansas)

Managing Perinatal Mortality in Lambs (University of Arkansas)

Obstetrics and Lambing Problems (Utah State University)

Parturition in Livestock (Purdue University)

A Post Lambing Interview (University of Illinois)

Pre-Lambing Management of Ewes (Kansas State University)

Preparing for Kidding (Onion Creek Ranch)

Preparing for Successful Lambing Seasons (University of Illinois)


Reproductive Diseases:

Infectious Reproductive Diseases of Small Ruminants (Utah State University)

Reproductive Diseases of Sheep (Utah State University)


Rams and Bucks:

Breeding Soundness Examination (Purdue University)

Breeding Soundness Examination of Rams (Utah State University)

Breeding Soundness Examinations of Rams and Bucks (Purdue University)

Breeding Soundness in Rams: How To Do It and How To Interpret It (Utah State University)

Epididymitis in Range and Purebred Rams (Utah State University)

Fertility Testing Rams Increases Profits (Oklahoma State University)

Taking Care of Your Stud Rams, Before, During and After the Breeding Season (University of Illinois)



Biology of Reproduction of Goats (Auburn University)

Breeding Management on Pasture (Louisiana State University)

Evaluating Meat Goat Breeding Stock (University of Maryland)

Feeding Ewes to Maximize Reproductive Success (University of Arkansas)

Introduction to Goat Reproduction (University of Arkansas)

Puberty in Goats (Auburn University)

Reproductive Management of the Ewe Flock and the Ram (Purdue University)

Reproductive Management of Sheep and Goats (Auburn University)

Small Ruminant Management: Winter, Kidding, & Lambing Seasons (Auburn University)