Waste Management:

Ammonia Emissions and Animal Agriculture (Virginia Tech)

Composting Dead Sheep (University of Maryland)

Composting Small Ruminants in Tennessee (University of Tennessee)

Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plans (CNMP) (Purdue University)

Disposing of Dead Goats (University of Maryland)

Emergency Action Planning for Livestock Operations (Purdue University)

Land Application of Livestock and Poultry Manure (University of Georgia)

Land Application Records and Sampling (Purdue University)

Manure Management and Environmental Stewardship (Virginia Tech)

Manure Management Planner Computer Program

Manure Nutrient Recycling (Purdue University)

Mortality Management (Purdue University)

Nutrient Management for Livestock Operations (Purdue University)

Nutrient Management: Planning for Dairy, Livestock and Equine Operations (University of Massachusetts)

Nutrient Management for Small Farms (Virginia Tech)

On-Farm Composting of Large Animal Mortalities (Washington State University)

On-Farm Mortality Disposal Options for Livestock Producers (Virginia Tech)

Phosphorus-Based Nutrient Management Planning (University of Arkansas)

Poultry and Livestock Manure Storage: Management and Safety (Virginia Tech)

Selection and Location of Poultry and Livestock Manure Storage (Virginia Tech)