Purdue Sheep and Goat Videos

Purdue Sheep and Goat Webinar Series

2010 Webinar Topics:

Internal Parasites in Meat Goats
External Parasites in Meat Goats
Doe Nutrition
Alternative Forages for Meat Goats
Vaccinations, Common Diseases of the Meat Goat
Urinary Calculi in Goats
Diagnosing and Preventing Foot Rot in your Goats and Sheep
Coccidiosis in Goats and Sheep

2011 Webinar Topics:

Sheep, Lamb and Goat Markets: Situation, Outlook and Issues
Controlling Feed Costs: Big Challenges, Big Changes
Getting Ready for Kids

2012 Webinar Topics:

2013 Pasture Considerations Following the Drought
Differences Between Raising Show Goats and Commercial Goats

2013 Webinar Topics:

Selecting Sheep and Goats for Resistance to Internal Parasites
Best Pasture Species for Goats and Sheep
What Kind of Hay for Sheep and Goats?
Keeping Sheep and Goats Healthy

2014 Webinar Topics:

Lambing and Kidding
Nutrition and Management in Late Gestation for Ewes and Does
Selection and Management to Increase Kidding Season Success

2015 Webinar Topics:

Veterinary Feed Directive: Impact on Small Ruminants
Abortion in Sheep and Goats
Record Keeping for Sheep and Goat Producers

2018 Webinar Topics:

The webinar was 2018 Sheep and Goat Health and the Three Bad "C's"
Individual talks were:
• Coccidia - "The Other Parasite"
• Caseous Lymphadenitis, an Economically Important Disease: Prevention and Control
• Caprine Arthritis Encephalitis (CAE): Diagnosis, Prevention and Control


Tube Feeding Lambs and Kids



Famacha Scoring



Miracle Birth of a Lamb



Miracle Birth of a Calf







Pharmaceutical Management - Dr. Ron Lemanager offers advice to managing the large number of pharmceuticals used on the beef farm today.