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The IQ+BEEF Beef Quality Assurance Program benefits beef producers and consumers through a cooperative effort to supply wholesome, safe, consistently high-quality beef. It benefit producers and consumers through a better understanding of how to manage and obtain quality beef through the entire production and marketing system. This program also improves the reputation and pride of beef producers and the cattle they produce.

Fresh From the Farm (Freezer Beef)program

This program is designed to connect Indiana’s beef consumers with Indiana’s beef producers. Through this website you will be able to locate and purchase the same locally-raised, dry-aged beef that farmers have been feeding their families for generations. Farmers have also been selling beef to friends and neighbors for years and now’s your chance to buy it too. This site is designed to provide more than just a directory of producers and processors selling Indiana Fresh From the Farm Beef. You can also use this website as your link to the best information about beef nutrition, preparation, food safety and more.