Estrous Detection

Using a CIDR to Synchronize Estrous

So what do you do with your carriers of genetic defects?

Guest Speakers


The Beef Roundtable, July 2015-Antibiotic Resistance

The impact of feeding ethanol distillers grains on beef quality

Dr. Larry Corah: Are We Filling the Demand for Quality Beef?

Dr. Chris Reinhardt: Distillers Grains Use in High Plains Feedyards

Alan Janzen: Ethanol Effect on Beef Quailty
Making COOL work for you

Dr. Jude Capper: Dealing with Technology vs Perception From Beef Magazine



Strategic Culling

Body Condition Scoring Beef Cattle

How to Interpret Performance Information
at the Bull Sale

Caring for Your New Young Herd Sire

Nutrition & Management Update 12/1/2012

Management of Body Energy Reserves to Optimize Reproductive and Performance and Contain Costs

Practice BCS

Evaluation of the Body Energy Reserves in a cow herd

Why and When do We use Body Energy Reserves



Control of Horn Flies and Stable flies in Beef Herds

Beef Quality Assurance


What is BQA?

Biosecurity in the Beef Herd

Pharmaceutical Classifications

Euthanasia and Critical Animal Care

Extra Label Use of Pharmaceuticals

Implanting Cattle Properly

Needle Selection

Giving injections correctly to beef cattle

Care of and Sterilizing Needles

Pharmaceutical Management

In Case of Emergency

Beef Quality and Carcass Effects

Feeds, their Handling and Care

Records and Identification



Dealing with Low Quality Forages

Beware Poisonous Hemlock

Oats, turnips, other small grains and annual ryegrass as a double crop.

Taking a Forage Sample from a Large Round Bale

2013 Pasture Considerations Following the Drought - 12/1/2012

Brad Shelton Double Crop Annuals part 2

How to Use a Grazing Stick



Using an esophageal feeder

Casting a cow for delivery of a calf

Vaccine Syringe Care and Cleaning

Grass Tetany: A Primer