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July 2001 ANSC Alumni Email Newsletter

Greetings from the Department of Animal Sciences!

This is the first email to Animal Science alum.

If you would like your name removed, just hit return and state "remove my name from the email list".

This will be sent 4 -6 times/annually.

If you would like to know about something special at Purdue or in the Department, let me know.

Enjoy and hope to see you at Purdue!

Departmental Notes

As you know Dr. Jeff Armstrong has accepted the position of Dean of Agriculture and Natural Resources at Michigan State University. He may be reached at 517-355-0232.

Dr. Alan Grant is serving as interim Department Head. Dr. Grant was selected by Dean Lechtenberg and is well respected on campus and by the faculty.

For more information about Dr. Grant see: http://www.ansc.purdue.edu/faculty/grant.htm

Dean Lechtenberg has created a search committee and a nation wide search has begun for a new Department Head.

Anna Day, a senior in Animal Sciences was recently selected to serve on the Purdue Board of trustees as a student representative.

Upcoming Activities

Animal Science Livestock Judging Team Reunion
August 11, Saturday, 4:30 - 7:00
Foyer of the Sheep Barn
Indiana State Fair Grounds
RSVP for 2 free State Fair tickets

Ag Tailgate, Animal Sciences Reunion & Livestock Hall of Fame & 1951 Recognition
October 27 8:00 am
Kickoff at 11:10 am
Order tickets at 765-494-8593 or http://www.agriculture.purdue.edu/agtailgate/

Look at this site

If you are looking for employees, please let me know and I will be glad to set up an interview room for you and your company. See this site for more information:


If you are looking for a job, I assist many ANSC alum in that process, please feel free to contact me.

If your company is not on our Employer list, let me know and I will be glad to add your company.

ANSC Employer list: http://www.agriculture.purdue.edu/anscjobs/BusOrg.html

If you are not on our Successful alum web site and would like to be added, send me your information, and I will be glad to add this. This is a great way for students to network with alumni.

See Successful Alumni link: http://www.agriculture.purdue.edu/anscjobs/alumni.html

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Hope you have a great summer. Please feel free to contact me or the Department if we can be of any assistance to you!

If you are planning to be on campus and would like to talk to a class, I would be glad to arrange that opportunity.

Best wishes and Go Boilers!