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Feature Articles: The Impact of the 2012 Drought on the Dairy Industry Jolena Waddell and Purdue Meat Science Uno Mas Captures Champion Honors

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Alumni Awards: 2012 Distinguished Animal Sciences Alumni Awards 2012 Distinguished Agricultural Alumni Awards 2012 Indiana Livestock Breeders Hall of Fame Honorees 2012 Certificate of Distinction from Purdue Ag Alumni Association

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The Newsletter Student Editors are Samantha Schmidt and Rachel Hayn. The Newsletter Committee members include Donna Lofgren (Co-chair) Zoltan Machaty (Co-chair), Layi Adeola, Candace Croney, Barry Delks, JoAnn Galyon, Pat Jonas, and Katherine McCormick.

We hope this Newsletter will increase your enthusiasm and ignite your pride in the exciting research, extension, and educational programs taking place in Purdue Animal Sciences. It is designed to provide information to our many alumni, students, staff, and special friends.


August 2-18

Indiana State Fair (Year of Popcorn)

August 9

Purdue Day at the State Fair

September 27

2013 Distinguished Animal Sciences Alumni Program

September 28

Purdue Homecoming (vs. Northern Illinois)

October 1

College of Agriculture Career Fair

October 29

Book Harmon Leadership Forum (featuring Dr. Robert Easter, President of the University of Illinois)

For additional calendar dates, see the Animal Sciences Event Calendar at

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