Animal Sciences Career E-Letter

Week of October 11, 2010 (October break)

Full-time opportunities
1. P&G Interviews

Campus Opportunities
2. 2011 ANSC 18100 Team Facilitators

3. Thirst at Purdue
4. Book Harmon Leadership Forum

1. P&G Interviews

P&G is now accepting applications for summer 2011 internships and for full time positions.

Simply go to, click "search jobs" and type in one of the below Job Numbers.
RND00001885 (Full Time, starting after graduation)
RND00001886 (Internships for summer 2011)

2. 2011 ANSC 18100 Team Facilitators

If you and/or your friends are interested in making a difference in the lives of ANSC freshmen, gaining communication and leadership skills, developing strong references and getting to know ANSC faculty and staff better, here is your opportunity. Attached is a callout information document that indicates that a hardcopy of a current resume and a cover letter highlighting your relevant skills and interest in being a team facilitator in ANSC 181 is to be handed in to Mark Russell/Dawn Gulik in POUL 112 by the end of the day October 20th.

We are seeking 25 students who can contribute at least 30 hours of effort during the first eight weeks of 2010-preparing, conducting, grading, and facilitating weekly discussions on contemporary issues with ANSC 181 teams of 5-6 students. You must be willing to attend two training sessions in November and regular, one-hour or less team facilitator meetings in the spring. Team leaders must be available weekly at 3:30 or 4:30 on Wednesdays. You will receive one ANSC 293 credit (not pay) for your leadership role.

Join us for a great semester of working together to make the freshman experience for out incoming students as rewarding and productive AND FUN as possible. Remember that the resume and cover letter of interest are due in POUL 112 by October 20. Thanks for your interest and please let me know if there is anything that we can do to assist you.

Mark Russell
Professor of Animal Sciences
125 S Russell Street, #111
Purdue University
West Lafayette, IN 47907

3. Thirst at Purdue

The Thirst Project at Purdue is a student organization that raises awareness and funds to benefit the global water crisis. 1 in 6 people in the world do not have access to clean water and we are working with existing organizations that build wells throughout the world in order to alleviate this problem.

We are very pleased to be hosting the founder of the Thirst Project, Seth Maxwell, on Tuesday, October 19, at 8 pm, in the Pharmacy Building room 172. To hear his incredible story, come on out!

Thanks so much!

Katie Allen
Purdue University
Animal Science
Ag Ambassadors
University Honors Program
Thirst Project @ Purdue

4. Book Harmon Leadership Forum

October 26, 2010

The speaker is Jill Greene, Senior Market Development Manager, Applied Biosystems - Life Technologies. View the flyer.

12:30 - 1:20 p.m. Open Seminar for All - in Deans Auditorium, Pfendler Hall -  "Choices Define Us More Than Ability"
1:20 - 1:45 p.m. Discussion
1:45- 3:00 pm - Box lunch (PFEN 120) w/ Book Harmon Leadership founders (Bob Book and Bud Harmon); Scholarship recipients (Heather White, PhD 2010 and Brooke Wehr, BS 2011); Alan Sutton, and Barry Delks
3:30 - 4:20 p.m. Graduate Student/Faculty Seminar - in 3-113 Lilly Hall - "From Livestock Marketing to Social Marketing - Leadership Experiences Really Are Lifelong Learning"
4:20 - 4:45 p.m. Discussion

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