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May 5, 2014

From the Desk of Barry Delks
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Full-time Positions
1. Kaeb Sales, Inc. Positions
2. Covance Study Technicians
3. Purdue ANSC Animal Caretaker

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Internships/Summer Work
1. Behavior Research for Biology Credit

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Leadership Development
1. Volunteer Student Designer with Barry Delks


Full-time Positions

1. Kaeb Sales, Inc. Positions

Kaeb Sales, Inc. is a dairy and manure handling slaes and services dealership based in Cissna Park, Illinois with locations also in Indiana and Michigan. They began selling and servicing Surge milking equipment in 1989 and have expanded into now 4 locations and are currently seeking dependable employees that have an interest in the dairy industry. Our most recent excitement in our dealership is the milking robots. This is an area that has great potential for someone that likes automation and is also mechanically gifted. At this time, they are specifically looking to hire in the North/ North-East side of the state.

After Market- Route Specialist

Service Technican - on dairy farm related equipment

To apply, send a resume to the following individual along with a completed version of the application (pdf file):
Les Kaeb

2. Covance Study Technicians

Location: Greenfield, IN

For more information and to apply, visit:
You are strongly encouraged to select "College/University visit" as the source of finding out about these roles in your application

4 positions are currently open:

3. Purdue ANSC Animal Caretaker

The Purdue Animal Sciences Department is looking to hire a full-time animal caretaker in the ANSC faculty under the direction of Jason Fields. Rodent work along with some pig and poultry work will be involved. The job is posted on the Purdue website with the posting number: 1401064. All inquiries need to go through Human Resources.

Benefits: Full-time Purdue benefits along with $11/ hour, but any past experience could raise that.

Internships/ Summer Work

1. Behavior Research for Biology Credit

Jessica Yorzinski is currently looking for undergraduates to help run behavior experiements with birds. You can earn biology credit for this work. You will gain valuable field experience- learning how to run experiments, handling animals, developing organizational skills, and gaining proficiency in using research equipment. If this might interest you, please email Jessica at with the following information:

Leadership Development

1. Volunteer Student Designer with Barry Delks

Mr. Barry Delks is currently seeking a volunteer to work with him this summer to update and enhance his career flyer and get it on the web as well.

Interested? Contact:
Barry Delks
Coordinator of Career Services
Animal Sciences
Lilly Hall Room 3-101
West Lafayette, IN 47907

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