Going Pre-Med?

Are you an Animal Sciences Undergraduate at Purdue University, and thinking about going into medicine?

Preparing for medical school requires an organized plan. As soon as you decide to prepare for the medical field, you need to begin planning so that you will be competitive for medical school. This webpage is designed to assist you in this process, which is comprised of six main steps:

  1. Prepare an academic curriculum that meets the requirements set by most medical schools, as well as any specific schools you already know you may attend.

  2. Supplement your academic curriculum with research and/or volunteer experiences that will help you learn about and get acquainted with people in the medical field.

  3. Prepare and take the MCAT.

  4. Research medical schools where you will be eligible and competitive.

  5. Gather letters of recommendations, and submit your AMCAS application.

  6. Promptly submit secondary applications and prepare for interviews.


If you have trouble accessing this page because of a disability, please email anscweb@purdue.edu