Animal Sciences 48100

Contemporary Issues in Animal Sciences




Class Detailed Checklist

Teams and Topics: Section 4, Section 5, Section 6

October 1 Speaker Contacts

Team Activity Grade Sheet for October 1 HW

Teams and Topics: Section 4, Section 5, Section 6

Team Presentation Details

300 Points for Team Presentation (Instructor Evaluation)

Workshop/Seminar Attendance Form

Senior Resume/Photo Release Form

Book Harmon Seminar - October 29
Entrepreneur Career Panel - November 7

Attend the Book Harmon Seminar on October 29
or Entrepreneur Career Panel on November 7 or another workshop or seminar of animal-related research or contemporary issues in the animal industry. You must submit the completed "Workshop/Seminar Attendance & Participation Form" in class within two weeks after the workshop or seminar.

481 HW Resources

Contemporary Issues

Vet Schools and Application Process

Graduate School Resources



Career Fair

Animal Sciences Homepage


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