Once in a Lifetime Dairy Auction

November 17, 2000

Auction brings in $27,000 for Purdue dairy judging team

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. A sale of unique dairy-related items raised more than $27,000 for the Purdue University dairy judging team.

The event, held Saturday Nov. 11 at the Tippecanoe County Fairgrounds, was dubbed the "Once in a Lifetime Dairy Auction."

Animal Sciences Professor Emeritus Jack Albright, a longtime Purdue dairy cattle judging team coach, donated approximately 1,600 dairy- and Purdue-related items from his collection. Several dairy alumni contributed milk bottles and other items.

A large, cast iron model of a Holstein bull fetched the highest bid of $3,000. Other popular items included memorabilia representing the former Purdue Creamery. An original Purdue milk bottle sold for $675.

"We were all amazed at the turnout and willingness of attendees to pay a bit more for these unique items and a great cause," said Steve Hendress, assistant manager of the dairy research center and current dairy judging coach. "It speaks volumes to the admiration everyone has for Dr. Albright and the opportunity this represents for the future of the dairy judging teams at Purdue."

Auctioneer for the event was John Finke of Columbus, Ind. He and Hendress were members of the 1974 Purdue dairy judging team. John Cleland, also a former judging team member, provided background information on the milk bottles in the sale.

All the sale proceeds go to a fund to support future Purdue dairy judging activities. Each year the dairy judging team travels to four or five contests and regional workouts, and also travels extensively around the state.

CONTACT: Michael Schutz, Extension dairy specialist, (765) 494-9478.

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A crowd of around 400 people gathered to inspect the unique dairy items.

Dairy club members visit before the auction.

Potential bidders look over some of the 1700 items up for sale.

The cast iron model of a true-type Holstein Bull and the 1968 Purdue Rose Bowl Pennant were very popular items. The bull topped the sale, fetching a bid of $3,000.

Potential bidders stake out their areas as the auction is set to commence.

Dr. Jack Albright (Emeritus Professor of Animal Sciences, left) who contributed 1600 items to the sale to benefit the Purdue University Dairy Judging Team is shown with auctioneer John Finke, who was on the Dairy Judging Team in 1974.

Breakfast and Lunch were offered by the current Purdue University Dairy Club.

Loraine and Jack Albright, whose generous contributions made the day possible.

More of the 1700 offerings.

Dairy Club members prepare for lunch.

Lunch is served.

Listening to the auctioneer's chant.

The auction begins.

The next item up for bid...

Bidding was fast-paced and generous all day.

The Hagenow family discusses their strategy...and budget.

Orville Haney samples some of the Dairy Club food.

John Finke hoists a pair of items up high for everyone to see.

The auctioneer and clerk hard at work.

John Cleland pictured with some of the many milk bottles offered for sale.

Mike Grott (Dairy Herd Manager) and family.

Tom Turpin (Entomology) and Dan Dunten (Tippecanoe County 4H/Youth Development Educator) await their items of choice.

Current Purdue University Dairy Judging Team Coach and Assistant Dairy Herd Manager, Steve Hendress discusses the sale with his former coach, Dr. Jack Albright.

Endowment Summary

Jack Albright Endowment

Purpose: This endowment was established by Jack Albright to provide funds for the Purdue University Dairy Cattle Judging Team.

Earnings Expenditure: It is the donor's wish that earnings from the endowment be expended at the direction of the Head of the Department of Animal Sciences, in collaboration with the coach of the Purdue University Dairy Cattle Judging Team to support team activities such as: scholarships, travel expenses, entry fees, banquets for students, supplies, publicity, honoraria, and other uses that will advance this important extra-curricular activity at Purdue University.

If the Purdue Dairy Cattle Judging Team ceases to exist, these earnings shall be used for the Purdue University Dairy Club, or dairy-related activities.

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