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Antibiotics in Livestock Production

The use of antibiotics in livestock production is a hot topic. In the videos we have included here, you can find answers to how and why antibiotics are used in food animal production as well some of the issues surrounding this practice. This is a very broad topic so we have included some print materials for you as well. Still have questions? Submit them to us directly through the link at the bottom of the page and we will have them answered directly.

Go here to learn about antibiotic residues in meat, poultry and dairy products.

Go here to learn about what happens to antibiotics that are excreted in manure.

Go here to learn about antibiotic resistance.

Go here for some more detail on why antibiotics are used are livestock production.

Have any questions?  Submit them to us here.

Paul Ebner, PhD
Assistant Professor
Dept. of Animal Sciences

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