Welcome to the IBEEF Online Entry System

This system allows you to enter steers and/or heifers for the 2018-2019 IBEEF Program. You can enter information for one delivery date at a time. Delivery dates are October 21/22, November 11/12, and December 2/3, 2018 - actual delivery dates will depend on filling loads. Entries should be completed by 30 days prior to the selected delivery date.

You will first fill in information about yourself - name, address, phone number. Note that a Premise ID is required if you are from Indiana.

Then you will fill in information about the calves you are entering. The information we need for each calf includes:

After you enter the information, you will have the opportunity to revise it if you have corrections.

When you're done, you can print the entry form. The computer will automatically send your entry information to the IBEEF office. However, your entry is not "official" until you have sent us a check for the entry fee of $15/calf. It is not necessary to send a copy of the entry form with the check, as long as you are sure to tell us who you are!

Please be sure to print a copy of the Immunization Form - this must be completed and accompany calves to the delivery point.

Also, we have a form for you to give the numbers and estimated weights of steers and heifers to be delivered at each date. This assists us in planning ahead for trucking to feedlots. You can print the form and send it in, or fill it in online. Please do this by October 12.

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