Cattlemen's Calendar

County beef cattle groups are encouraged to contact IBEP to volunteer (3-4 people) to help on weighdays/workdays shown below. Activities usually begin at 9:00 a.m. Bring a potential cooperator or bull buyer to give them a first-hand look at the bulls, facilities and the central testing program.

Tues., November 21 -- Record on-test weights and hip heights.
Tues., December 19 --

Record 28-day weights; brucella retest of out-of-state bulls; Board of Directors meeting.

Tues., January 23 -- Record 63-day weights; adjusted 205-day data and registration numbers due; final payment due.
Tues., February 20 -- Record 91-day weights; ultrasound older bulls; preliminary soundness screening; videotape all bulls.
March 19-23 -- Ultrasound younger bulls (exact date TBA).
Mon., March 26 -- Record off-test weights; measure hip height and scrotal circumference; TB injection.
Thurs., March 29 -- Breeding soundness evaluation; freeze brand; read TB test.
Thurs., April 19 -- 81st IBEP Bull Sael, Springville Feeder Auction, 6:00 pm.


Schedule for 2017-2018 Tests (2017 Winter and 2018 Summer Tests)


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