28-Day Newsletter, 2014 Summer Test

June 18, 2014

Attached is the 28-day summary for 80 bulls and 9 get-of-sire groups being evaluated in the 2014 Summer Test. Bulls were weighed on June 17 and their average weight was 920 lbs vs. 793 on May 20, for a 28-day ADG of 4.55 lbs. The bulls are now off to a great start. No bulls were treated on June 17 for poor gains, although one was treated for ringworm and one for warts. We will get you an updated treatment report after the July weigh day.

We appreciate those who assisted with data collection on June 17. Dr. Jerry Rusch revaccinated all bulls and collected blood for brucella retest on out-of-state bulls.

Our semi-annual board of directors meeting followed the weighing of bulls, so we had plenty of help this time. We strongly encourage all owners to come to at least one weigh day. Upcoming weigh days are July 22, August 19, and September 22. We especially need extra hands on September 25, when we do breeding soundness evaluations and freeze brand the sale bulls.

The oldest 17 bulls will have ultrasound scans on July 15, a week before our next weigh day. We will get the data to you as soon as it is available. The remaining 63 bulls will have ultrasound scans in September.

Don't forget that registration numbers, weaning data, and final payment of $215/bull are due on July 22. Sheets for the data are enclosed. If we already have your data, and everything on the sheets is correct, you don't need to return them. Otherwise, please get the data to us. You can return it by mail, fax (765-494-9346), email to dlofgren@purdue.edu, or a phone call (765-494-6439). Be sure to also get weaning data sent in to your breed association; most breeds use the weaning data to adjust the ultrasound scan data.

The following companies and individuals sponsored a golf outing for the IBEP board of directors as a way to thank them for their volunteer service to IBEP: Kentucky Nutrition Service - Ron Wenblandp; Zoetis - Brad Brockman; Carpet Country/Joe Rode Family Farm; Morgan County Feed - Scott Whaley; Merck - Jeff Leininger; Stewart Seeds - Jerry Roberts; Bayer - Eric Jones; and Spring Mill Veterinary Service. Thank you to the sponsors for their support of IBEP.

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