63-Day Newsletter, 2014 Summer Test

July 24, 2014

Attached is the 63-day summary for 80 bulls and 9 get-of-sire groups being evaluated in the 2014 Summer Test. Bulls were weighed on July 22 and their average weight was 1,046 lbs vs. 920 lbs on June 17. The cool weather has been welcome this summer, and bulls are doing very well. Bulls averaged 3.59 lbs/day growth for the 35-day period and 4.02 lbs/day for the 63 days on test. Energy has been backed off in the ration to slow them down and keep them from getting fat. They are eating 2.11% of their body weight in dry matter. On July 22, four bulls were treated for poor gains, and a few have been treated since the test started on May 20; if your bull was one of them, a report is enclosed.

Thanks to those who came to help weigh the bulls. The 17 oldest bulls had their ultrasound scans last week. We will get you their data as soon as it is available.

The next weigh day is August 19. In addition to weighing the bulls, preliminary structural soundness and disposition evaluations will be done by the screening committee, and bulls will be videotaped, so we can use a few extra hands that day. It would be a good time for owners to come see how their bulls are doing. Bulls will be weighed off-test on Monday, September 22, and we can use some help then. We especially need extra help on Thursday, September 25, when we will do breeding soundness evaluations and freeze brand the sale bulls.

If you have not done so already, please get your bulls registered and send your weaning data to your breed association. The weaning data is required to process the ultrasound scan data. Final payment of $215/bull was also due. A reminder is enclosed if you have not sent the data or payment to us yet.

Rules and Entry Forms for 2014 Winter Test: Rules and entry forms for the 2014 Winter Test will be mailed soon. The entry deadline will be September 26 and delivery will be October 28, 2014. The test is for bulls born January 1 through April 30, 2014. Rules and entry information will be available on our web site, http://www.ansc.purdue.edu/ibep/.

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