91-Day Newsletter, 2014 Summer Test

August 20, 2014

Attached is the 91-day summary for 80 bulls and 9 get-of-sire groups being evaluated in the 2014 Summer Test. Bulls were weighed on August 19 and their average weight was 1,159 lbs vs. 1,046 lbs on July 22. Average gain for the period was 4.06 lb/day. With the cool weather, bulls have been eating fairly well (22.8 lbs/day dry matter during the period) and have gained very well considering the relatively low energy level of the ration. One bull was treated for poor gain, and four others were treated since July 22. If your bull was treated, a report is enclosed. Bulls were also videotaped, so that video clips of sale bulls can be put online.

The Soundness committee screened all bulls, and if your bull has any concerns, a copy of his report is included. Four bulls have been disqualified from the sale at this point, all four for disposition. However, nineteen bulls have concerns related to foot or leg issues or disposition. If there are *'s around the word "Recheck" (**Recheck**), the bull will likely be disqualified. All bulls will be reevaluated on off-test day (September 22), when a final decision will be made as to sale eligibility.

Thank you those who came to help with weighing and videotaping bulls. Relative to help, Monday, September 22 (final weights, TB testing, soundness evaluations and scrotal measurements) and especially Thursday, September 25 (breeding soundness evaluations and freeze branding of sale qualified bulls) are busy work days. So if you have not come to a weigh day yet, these would be good days to help as well as see your bull.

As a reminder, we cannot release any bulls on Thursday, September 25 if any bull has a suspect TB test; in that case, bulls can be released when the State Veterinarian has cleared the group, which normally takes 4-7 days. So, there is a chance you will not be able to take your non-sale bull home on September 25.

We hope to see you in September and at the sale on October 18. Remember that the Springville Feeder Auction is holding a Heifer and Cow Sale in conjunction with the IBEP Bull Sale. If you have heifers or cows you want to offer for sale, contact the Springville Feeder Auction at 812-279-1282.

Rules and Entry Form for 2014 Winter Test: Rules and dates for the 2014 Winter Test have been mailed. The entry deadline is September 26 and delivery will be October 28, 2014. Rules and entry information are available on the IBEP web site at http://www.ansc.purdue.edu/ibep/.

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