Off Test Newsletter, 2015 Summer Test

September 25, 2015

Attached is the off-test summary for 94 bulls and 8 get-of-sire groups evaluated in the 2015 Summer Test. Bulls were weighed September 21 with the weight shown under the "Off Test" heading giving each bull's (or Get's) off-test weight and age. Bonnie Bradford, Premier Ultrasound, St. Mary's, Ohio, used ultrasound to determine rib eye area, and rib fat, and % intramuscular (IM) fat. Ultrasound measurements were taken such that all could be adjusted to 365 days of age.

Frame score (FS) is calculated from hip height and age on September 21. Scrotal Circumference (SC), also measured on September 21, is adjusted to 365 days of age. For sale eligibility, minimum SC is 33 cm (13.0 in) for Simmental; 32 cm for Angus and Gelbvieh; and 30 cm (11.8 in) for other breeds. IBEP Performance Index was computed by .6 (ADG Ratio) + .4 (WPDA Ratio) within each breed. If there were less than six bulls of one breed, ADG (3.59) and WPDA (3.22) averages for all 94 bulls were used to determine ratios and Performance Index. Likewise, % Retail Product and % Intramuscular Fat ratios are computed within breed unless there are less than six bulls of a breed. Carcass merit is the average of % Retail Product and % Intramuscular Fat ratios.

All 94 bulls averaged 1,250 lbs at the end of the performance test and gained 3.59 lbs per day while on test.

Congratulations to owners of these high-indexing bulls of their breeds:






City & State

128.1 192 Angus PB Kiata Farms Hamilton, OH
112.0 184 Red Angus PB Noel Farms Shelburn, IN
110.8 233 SimAngus 50 Saxe Farm Thompsonville, IL
102.0 173 Hereford PB Danko Farms Shelburn, IN
94.1 227 Simmental PB JAK Angus & DLB Farms Ashley, IL

Thanks for the help of many people on September 21 and 24 to weigh, measure, inspect, health test, conduct breeding soundness exams, and freeze brand bulls. Many Extension Educators, bull owners, IBEP Directors, producers, Feldun-Purdue Ag. Center personnel and volunteers assisted. We appreciate your help, interest, and cooperation. We especially appreciate the assistance of Greg Beavers, NorthStar-Select Sires, for providing liquid nitrogen used for freeze branding.

The Inspection Committee disqualified 27 bulls due to structural soundness problems relating to feet and legs. Four bulls were disqualified for disposition. Eleven bulls failed to pass the breeding soundness evaluations, five for scrotal circumference, three for tagged penis, two for no semen, and one for trauma to a testicle.

A total of 43 bulls are catalogued for sale. These include: 31 Angus, 3 Hereford, 1 Red Angus, and 8 SimAngus.

Congratulations to Kiata Farms, Hamilton, OH for having the top indexing (128.1) bull, Angus #192, sired by Connealy Confidence 0100. Other bulls with excellent Performance Indexes include: Angus #245 at 120.7 sired by SAV 707 Rito 9969 and #246 at 117.4 sired by VDAR Really Windy 4097, both from NicKatie Farms, Columbus, IN; Angus #197 at 117.4 and #198 at 111.2 both sired by Deer Valley All In and #191 at 110.9 sired by GAR Composure, from Kiata Farms; Angus #230 at 112.4 sired by SydGen CC & 7 from Groennert Angus Farm, Nashville, IL; Angus #152 at 112.3 sired by PA Power Tool 9108 from Powell Farms, Worthington, IN; Red Angus #184 at 112.0 and #182 at 109.8, both sired by Bieber Outrider W388 from Noel Farms, Shelburn, IN; SimAngus #233 at 110.8 sired by CCR Frontier 0053Z and #235 at 109.7 sired by GCCR Easy Answer Y108 from Saxe Farm, Thompsonville, IL; Angus #180 at 110.3 sired by SAV Bismarck 5682 from Home Acres Farm LLC, Lebanon, OH; and Angus #162 at 109.7 sired by GDAR Heisman 1705 frm Koors Cattle Co., Milroy, IN.

Congratulations to Brown Family Farms, Norman, IN and Kiata Farms, Hamilton, OH for consigning the top get-of-sire group, Get #8 at 106.4. Angus bulls #157, 197 and 198 were sired by Deer Valley All In. Next was Get #3 at 101.1 with Angus bulls #152, 153, and 154 sired by PA Power Tool 9108 from Powell Farms, Worthington, IN.

Sale catalogs should be available at the test station by October 9. Bulls will be penned by 11:00 a.m. at the Springville Feeder Auction on sale day. We need volunteers to bring trailers at 9:00 a.m. to transport bulls from the test station to Springville. Also, help is needed from bull owners during the sale. Buyers must remove bulls at Springville on sale day, or at the IBEP Test Station by 12 Noon, Monday, October 19. Sale day phone is (812) 279-1282.

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