On-Test Newsletter, 2015 Summer Test

May 20, 2015

Attached are delivery and on-test data for 95 bulls and 7 get-of-sire groups being evaluated in the 2015 Summer Test. Bulls were consigned by 34 cooperators from Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Ohio, and Wisconsin. Five breeds are represented. Bulls were delivered on April 28. On-test data were recorded on May 19. Scrotal circumference (SC) was measured at delivery, whereas hip height was measured on May 19.

The bulls are adjusting well to the IBEP facilities and feeding program. The group averaged 3.30 pounds per day during the 21-day adjustment period. They are eating right at 2.25% of their body weight. The warm-up ration has been ground alfalfa/orchardgrass hay, corn silage, cracked corn, and dried distiller's grains. The hay was cut out on May 18, and the bulls are now receiving corn silage, cracked corn, and dried distiller's as their test ration.

All bulls received their second wart vaccination and were treated for parasites. Eighteen bulls were treated with antibiotics, because of slow growth, by our excellent veterinary consultant, Dr. Jerry Rusch. If your bull was treated during the past 3 weeks, a report is enclosed.

Thanks for all the help, as we strongly encourage all owners to come to at least one weigh day. The summer board of directors meeting will be in conjunction with the 28-day weigh day on June 16 so we will have plenty of help then. See the calendar for work days. We especially need extra help on August 18, September 21 and September 24, as well as ultrasound scan dates.

The number of bulls and breed averages are:


No. of Bulls

Delivery Wt., lbs.

Delivery SC, cm.

On Test Wt., lbs.

On Test Hip Ht., in.

Frame Score1

ADG During Adjustment


69 739 28 807 46.6 5.3 3.23


5 648 26 715


5.2 3.18
Red Angus 6 684 26 748 45.3 4.7 3.05


14 744 27 824 46.7 5.7 3.82


1 628 23 694 45.9 5.4 3.14

All Bulls

95 730 28 800 46.5 5.3 3.30

1Frame Score was calculated using the BIF Formula (Eighth Edition), and is based on the bull's age and hip height on May 19.

If you have not done so already, please get your bull(s) registered with your breed association. Be sure to also submit birth and weaning weights and dates to the breed association; these will be required for processing ultrasound data. In June, we will send you a sheet for sending us your information. It is not due until the July 21 weigh day. However, older bulls will have ultrasound scans the week before July 21. We will need their registration numbers, and the breed associations will need their weaning data, before the bulls are scanned. So if those are some of your bulls, please get these things taken care of. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your participation in the 2015 Summer Test.

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