90-Day Newsletter, 2014 Winter Test

February 19, 2015

Attached is the 90-day summary for 211 bulls and 19 get-of-sire groups being evaluated in the 2014 Winter Test. Bulls were weighed on Monday, February 16 and their average weight was 1,207 pounds. Daily gain the previous 27 days was 3.25 lbs. For the entire 90 days, daily gain was 4.00 lbs.

As you may imagine, the weather has been a challenge, with snow and low temperatures. Seventeen bulls were treated during the past period. On Monday, 33 were checked for poor gains, with all 33 of them treated. If your bull was treated, a report is enclosed.

After Monday's weighing, Tuesday was busy, but thanks to the help of volunteers, things went smoothly. The structural soundness committee did its preliminary evaluations. Forty-seven bulls were identified as having some concerns for either structural problems or disposition issues, and ten of them were bad enough to be considered ineligible for sale. If your bull is one of those of concern, a copy of the report is included in this mailing. They will be rechecked in March and a final determination made. If you do not receive an inspection report, your bull was fine. Of course, on occasion additional concerns are identified at off-test in March, and all bulls will be reexamined on March 23.

We also took video clips of all bulls, in preparation of having video of sale eligible bulls on the IBEP web page. Additionally, Bonnie Bradford, of Premier Ultrasound, took measurements on 148 of the older bulls; the remaining bulls are scheduled to be scanned on March 17. For owners of these older bulls, if you have not already submitted 365-day weights to your respective breed association, we strongly encourage you to submit the February 16 weight, so that EPDs will be updated. However, if you would like to also submit yearling hip height data, it would be better to wait and submit the bull's off-test weight and hip height together, assuming the bull will be in the proper age range for 365-day data at that time.

Congratulations to owners who have bulls with excellent performance through 91 days. Below is a listing of bulls that have the highest Performance Index to date of their respective breed.

Performance Index

Ear Tag




City & State





Stewart Select Angus

Greensburg, IN





Neal Bros. Simmentals

Bicknell, IN





Able Acres

Wingate, IN



Red Angus


Noel Farms

Shelburn, IN





Neal Bros. Simmentals

Bicknell, IN

105.2 73 Charolais PB Harmon Charolais Corydon, IN

In addition to the bulls listed above, other bulls with Performance Indexes of 118 or higher are: Angus #15 @ 127.2, Bill Washburn; Angus #137 @ 126.2, Eastview Angus Farm LLC; Angus #85 @ 124.5, Schrader Farms Angus; SimAngus #43 @ 122.7, Stewart Select Angus; Angus #116 @ 122.1, Doug Brown Farms; Angus #28 @ 118.7, Rolling Acres Angus; Angus #201 @ 118.4, Underwood Angus Farms; and Angus #208 @ 118.0, Chippewa Valley Angus Farms LLC.

Get #5 sired by SS Niagara Z29 is leading among 19 Get-of-Sire groups with a 117.7 Performance Index. This entry is from Stewart Select Angus with Angus bulls #48, 49, and 50. Next is get #1 @ 114.1 sired by EXAR Upshot 0562B. This get includes Angus bulls #15, 16, and 21 from Bill Washburn. Other high indexing get-of-sire groups belong to: Stewart Select Angus, Angus get of SS Counterpart Y26; Apple Hill Angus, Angus get of Woodhill Foresight; and Schrader Farms Angus, Angus get of Schrader By Design 5809.

We greatly appreciate those who assisted with weighing, doing initial inspection by the Soundness Committee, taking ultrasound measurements, and videotaping the bulls. If you can help when bulls are scanned on March 17, contact Brad Shelton for specific timing. Off test weights and final structural soundness are March 23, and March 26 is when we will be doing breeding soundness exams and freeze branding sale eligible bulls; so there are several chances to help out in March.

2015 Summer Test: Rules and entry forms will be mailed soon. If you do not receive an entry form, please call if you need one, or get it from the IBEP website (you can also enter your bulls online). Bulls born May 1 - October 31, 2014 are eligible, including nonrecorded and composite breed bulls. Bulls' WPDA must be at least 2.25 lb when delivered for the Summer Test on April 28. Entry deadline is April 6. The 125-day performance test begins May 19 and ends September 21, 2015. The 76th IBEP Bull Sale will be October 17 at the Springville Feeder Auction, and will follow the Heifer and Cow Sale sponsored by the Springville Feeder Auction Association. Heifers and cows will sell at 2:00 p.m., with the bull sale following.

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