28-Day Newsletter, 2015 Winter Test

December 16, 2015

Twenty-eight day weights were taken on Tuesday, December 15. Enclosed is the summary of 219 bulls and 22 get-of-sire groups currently on test.

Bulls averaged 4.58 pounds per day gain, so they are off to a very good start, and have compensated for their poor gains during the pre-test period. Bulls consumed an average of 23.0 pounds of dry matter per day (2.47% of body weight) and only seven bulls were treated for poor gain (less than 2.5 pounds per day). Two were treated for respiratory issues. One bull had warts removed, and a few bulls were treated for ringworm. If your bull was treated since the last weigh day (other than ringworm or warts treatments on December 15), a report is enclosed. Additionally, the bulls were vaccinated (BoviShield and wart vaccine), and blood was taken from out-of-state bulls for brucellosis testing.

We had lots of help on hand because of the IBEP board meeting which followed the weigh day, which helped the weigh day to go smoothly. Thanks to everyone who came to help.

We strongly encourage all owners to come to at least one weigh day. Check your calendars for the January 19 and February 16 weigh days, as well as March 21 and 24 when the bulls come off test. February 16 includes ultrasound scanning, screening by the soundness committee, and videotaping of the bulls; bulls will be weighed the day before. March 24 will be particularly busy with breeding soundness exams and freeze branding of sale bulls. We keep testing costs low because of the volunteer labor of both the board members and bull owners. Please come help at one of these work days.

Our next activity will be on Tuesday, January 19, 2016, when 63-day weights will be taken. The final $250/bull payment, weaning data, and registration numbers are also due on January 19. Sheets are enclosed which you can return with your information. If we already have all data for your bulls, and the information on the sheets is correct, you do not need to return them. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions.

We wish all of you a Happy Holiday Season.

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