63-Day Newsletter, 2016 Winter Test

January 26, 2017

Sixty-three day weights were taken on Tuesday, January 24. Enclosed is the summary of the 218 bulls and 25 get-of-sire groups currently on test.

Bulls are performing very well, and overall appear to be in good shape. Warmer than normal temperatures allowed for nice gains, averaging 3.83 lbs/day. Bulls are eating 2.1% of their body weight. The ration has included corn silage, corn, and DDGS, and will be transitioning to wheat silage this week.

Healthwise, several bulls were treated since the last weigh day, primarily for foot issues. Ringworm is starting to show up on a few bulls On January 24, 10 were checked due to poor gains with nine treated, and a few were treated for foot issues. If your bull was treated or checked since November 22, a report is enclosed.

We congratulate owners with bulls which are excelling at this point in the test, with Performance Indexes above 119: Angus - Way View Cattle Co. #218, Rolling Acres Angus #38, Underwood Angus Farms #191, Kiata Farms #118, and Fritz Homer Farm #89; Hereford - Able Acres #167 (the top-indexing overall at 126.6); and SimAngusl - Kohli Farms #213.

High indexing get-of-sire groups belong to: Fritz Homer Farm, Angus get of Connealy Power Surge 3115; Cooper Angus and Underwood Angus Farms, Angus get of VAR Generation 2100; Brown Family Farms / Doug, Angus get of PVF Insight 0129; and Stewart Select Angus, Angus get of Connealy Mentor 7374.

Thanks to all of our volunteers who helped weigh bulls: Owners Terry Fergusen, Garret Huff, Jim Trietsch, and Ty Trietsch. Other volunteers were: Roger Bartlett, Greg Beavers, Andy Boston, Mary Boston, Maggie Daily, Ophelia Davis, Phil Dow, Byron Fagg, Jerry Fankhauser, Danielle Howell-Walker, Aaron Keiser, Jennifer Koziol, Dan Perry, Sam Perry, Dave Redman, Randy Roberts, Jerry Rusch, Brad Shelton, and Norman Voyles. Looking forward, the 91-day weigh day is Tuesday, February 21. We will have LOTS to do that day - we will collect ultrasound data on two-thirds of the bulls, the structural soundness committee will be doing the preliminary screening of bulls, and we will be videotaping all bulls to get ready for the sale (bulls will be weighed the day before). We will need LOTS of help, so bring a friend, potential buyer or bull owner. Itís a great time to showcase what IBEP is all about. Lunch will be provided.

Bull owners: We appreciate your cooperation in getting us your weaning information, registration numbers, and the $250/head final payment. If you have not yet provided these, please do so ASAP; a reminder is enclosed. Be sure to send the weaning data to your breed association, it's needed to process the ultrasound data.

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