On-Test Newsletter, 2016 Winter Test

November 28, 2016

Attached are delivery and on-test data for 220 bulls and 21 get-of-sire groups being evaluated in the 2016 Winter Test. Bulls were consigned by 76 cooperators from Indiana, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, and Ohio. Sixteen are new cooperators and we welcome you to the IBEP. Nine breeds are represented. Bulls were delivered on November 1. On-test data were recorded on November 22. Scrotal circumference (SC) was measured at delivery, and hip height was measured on November 22. Brad Brockman from Zoetis donated Dectomax Pour on for the bulls.

Average on-test weight was 844 lbs vs. 766 lbs at delivery, so bulls on average gained 3.75 lbs per day during the three-week adjustment period. Differences in shrink on delivery day play a large role in weight gain differences during the adjustment period. Bulls are eating very well, 2.41% of their body weight on average. The ration has been ground alfalfa/orchardgrass hay, wheatlage, corn, and DDGS. It will transition from wheatlage to corn silage soon. A total of 46 bulls were checked for poor gains on November 22, with 14 treated. Several were treated during the adjustment period. If your bull was treated, a report is enclosed. We had put CTC in the feed, which was removed on November 23.

Two items are enclosed for your review and consideration. First is a sheet showing the information we currently have on record for your bull(s). Please check this for accuracy and missing information. We would appreciate having any corrections or missing information back to us by December 20. If the information is correct, you don't need to return the sheet.

Second is a listing of present and potential Get-of-Sire Groups. Groups contain 3 or more bulls in the same breed group which are from the same sire. At present, there are 21 get-of-sire groups. Several additional groups could be added. All cooperators must agree to have their bull(s) included in a get-of-sire group. The decision is entirely up to you. Attached at the end is a list of all cooperator names, addresses, and phone numbers, to assist you in touching base with others. If you would like to form a get-of-sire group, contact the other owners and make a decision. All we need is for one of you to let us know that you have agreed to form another get, by the 28-day weighing on December 20.

Several of you have already provided us with copies of registration papers for your bulls, which are much appreciated. If you have not sent us copies or have not yet registered your bull(s), we encourage you to do so. We will need registration numbers for ultrasound scanning. Older bulls will be scanned in February, so we will need their registration numbers soon.

In addition, if you have not done so already, go ahead and get weaning information sent to your breed association. Also, if your bull(s) has been DNA tested, please be sure that the breed association has received a copy of the test results.

Remember, IBEP is a volunteer organization. We keep testing costs low because of the support of board members, local producers and BULL OWNERS. With a full test of 220 bulls, it takes some time to work the bulls through the scales and tend to any veterinary needs. Please plan on helping on one or more weigh days. We normally start work at 9:00 am; coffee and donuts are available by 8:30.

A sheet is enclosed with a calendar of weigh days and activities.

The number of bulls and breed averages are:

Breed No. of
SC, cm.
On Test
On Test
Hip Height
FS1 ADG During
Angus 154 763 26 843 46.3 5.0 3.82
Charolais 11 681 23 748 47.1 5.6 3.17
Hereford 12 825 26 894 48.0 5.8 3.25
Lim-Flex 2 773 27 816 46.1 5.3 2.05
Maine-Anjou 2 651 21 728 45.1 5.0 3.67
Red Angus 5 699 23 799 45.4 5.0 4.78
SimAngus 24 811 25 891 47.1 5.4 3.80
Simmental 8 784 25 860 46.7 5.3 3.63
Simmental Cross 2 705 24 779 45.6 4.9 3.52
All Bulls 220 766 26 844 46.5 5.1 3.75

1Frame Score was calculated using the BIF Formula (Eighth Edition), and is based on the bull's age and hip height on November 22.

Please let us know if you have any questions. Thanks for your participation in the 2016 WinterTest. We are looking forward to another good test.

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