Indiana Livestock Breeders Association
Hall of Fame

Prior to 1955

Jess C. Andrew, E. J. Barker, I. N. Barker, D. W. Brown, Harry F. Caldwell, Jeptha Crouch, Joseph Cunningham, L. T. Dwyer, Willie J. Essig, Claude Harper, Charles O. House, Franklin George King, Mortimer Levering, S. F. Lockridge, Charles J. Lynn, Gen. Sol. Meredith, J. H. Miller, William H. Miller, Harley M. Millett, E. B. Moore, F. F. Moore, Lloyd Mugg, John B. Nash, Alton P. Nave, Frank A. Nave, Uriah Privet, Bruce Pullen, Otis R. Quakenbush, J. G. Robbins, John E. Robbins, William S. Robbins, William W. Rose, John W. Schwab, John Harrison Skinner, William Wesley Smith, Dr. A. C. Stevenson, Allison E. Stewart, Charles B. Stuart, Arthur Tomson, J. W. Van Natta, William S. Van Natta, John E. Webb, J. W. Wheatly, Thomas Wilhoit, W. W. Wilson, and Herman Wolf


1955 - Richard E. Edwards and W. C. Wood
1956 - Wm. A. Allison
1957 - Hal Royce and Holmes A. Thompson
1958 - Fred L. Belles and Clifford B. Breeden
1959 - Mark E. Miller and Robert H. Parkinson


1960 - Harmon M. Harper and Leslie M. Hutchings
1961 - Harry Stamp and Joe K. White
1962 - Henry Mayo and Oren A. Wright
1963 - A. Ray Clodfelter, Gilbert Gardner, and Dr. Albert P. Stewart
1964 - Gerald I. Clodfelter, Harry J. Reed, and Thomas T. Sinclair
1965 - Lee B. Florea
1966 - Lewis L. Stewart
1967 - J. T. Frost and Chas. H. Nickel
1968 - David L. Chambers, Jr. and Hobart W. Jones
1969 - J. W. Ralph Bishop and Durbin D. Budd


1970 - William G. Nash and James B. Outhouse
1971 - Warren M. McVey and Jack Rodibaugh
1972 - Dr. David L. Smith DVM, Gilman C. Stewart, and John A. Stewart
1973 - Robert O. Swaim
1974 - O. Ted Blank, John M. Chaille, Harry Martin, and Marshall A. Mohler
1975 - William T. Anderson, George Doup, Herbert D. McCormick, and Joe C. Metzger
1976 - Dr. W. M. Beeson, Erlend G. Rothenberger, and William R. Rothenberger
1977 - Harry T. Armstrong, Adrian Buck, and Dr. Earl L. Butz
1978 - Carle E. Eiche, Howard G. Harper, and Hubert M. Mullendore
1979 - Glen Day and Sherman O. Kessler


1980 - Harvey Duncan, Robert Harper, and Dwight Smoker
1981 - William Hurst and Virginia Manion
1982 - Paul Keffaber, Thomas Mcans, and Emery L. Parks
1983 - Edward T. S. Brown and Leroy Norris
1984 - Robert C. Peterson, Jack Ragsdale, and Guy Wilson
1985 - Gene C. Shaver and Shirley Whisman
1986 - Kenneth G. MacDonald, Rudy L. Ross, and Mervin Shuter
1987 - E. F. "Bud" Alderson, David Garriott, and Ralph House
1988 - J. Donald Prewett and Marvin Ridgeway
1989 - Ray Becher, Robert Bennett, and Leon Tucker


1990 - James E. Gillooly, Stanley E. Poe, and Richard A. Riggs
1991 - Glen L. Byler, Horace Paarlberg, and Keith Vance
1992 - Wally J. Caine and Robert "Bob" Whisman
1993 - Dr. Thomas W. Freas and Richard G. Nash
1994 - Lee Eller and James R. Foster
1995 - Ralph Coddington and Barry Jordan
1996 - Howard Unger
1997 - Larry A. Nelson and J. Ross Riggs
1999 - Truman Martin, Earle D. Peffer, Kenneth E. Sherbahn, Jerry Turner, Jan and Bill Williams, and Maurice (Mauri) Williamson


2000 - Delmar Guard and Bill Wilson
2001 - Robert Benson and Wayne Yake
2002 - Dr. Roger E. Hunsley
2003 - Dr. Tom Conner
2004 - David Smith
2005 - John Fox, Joseph Pearson, and Duane Sickels
2006 - Dale Grubbs, Dr. Martin Stob, and Keith Woodbury
2007 - Dr. Kern Hendrix, Dr. Robert Duane McDavitt, and Clyde Shaffer
2008 - Guy Jackson and Dr. John Johnston
2009 - Leslie Carmichael and Steve Nichols


2010 - John Cloe, Bill Couch, and Denny Shoup
2011 - Sammy & Pam Jones and Ken Torr

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