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  • Beau Williamson






    “The internship has helped me realize the importance of truly caring about others and making time for what is important… PEOPLE!”


    The most exciting part of my job was being able to walk up to work every day and see the beautiful American landmark of the White House. I felt very fortunate that our office worked so closely with the President. This allowed me to see the President often and get a glimpse of what his life is like. I enjoyed being able to meet and connect with so many fantastic people. I took a picture with Nolan Ryan shook hands with Olympic athletes and was fortunate to work with a great group of leaders.

    I was so humbled to have been blessed with that experience. You never know what lessons, relationships and experiences await you around the corner. So live a full life with no regrets and take advantage of the opportunities in front of you.

    To Apply To apply, check out the website for the application. (http://www.whitehouse.gov/about/internships/)

    Seal of The White House
    Beau at White House sponsored trade event Surrounded by American exports
  • Emma Allen

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    Emma Photo
    Emma with county supervisors

    "Empowering the lives of children and adults by opening their eyes to learning and knowledge of how to  become a healthy active member of their greater community!" Click the link below to learn more about being a Purdue Cooperative Extension Intern!

    I am an intern with Purdue Cooperative Extension Service this summer! I have been making countless connections with local faces in Lake County Indiana! Purdue Cooperative Extension Service has reached its 100 year birthday this year! I even got to be part of a proclamation signing with the Lake County Commissioners at the government center.

    In the Agriculture and Natural Resources area of Extension, I have worked with the Extension Educator going on house calls for people who call our office with tree- or horticulture related deaths or injury problems. We go out to their house and investigate what may have killed their trees. I learned that trees can even commit suicide and that they have an immune system and can be stressed! I also learned that birds (like woodpeckers) named sap-suckers can stress and even kill trees.

    In the Health and Human Sciences division of extension, Today I am learning at a Lake Station Head start school by facilitating a Block Party. What is a block party, you may ask? A block party is an initiative to teach learning and play to young children using blocks. In today's age, more and more children are being babysat with televisions, iPad's, iPhone's and the internet. Televisions, even with age appropriate programming don't allow the child to interact with them. I am seeing young preschool age children learn that playing with blocks is fun just like when I was that age and young parents learn that they can enhance their child's play simply by exploring and building with blocks. It teaches them math skills, engineering skills ( Purdue likes that one!!!), spatial reasoning, hand eye coordination and how to share with others and play together. At every one I've been to so far the children loved it so much they wanted to take the blocks with them! Now that is an empowering activity, when the child doesn't want to stop playing with the blocks! Interested in learning more about block parties? Follow this link to learn more!


    In Youth Development, I have been working with the 4H educators who have various types of 4H clubs for various demographics of people. I am learning that 4H is virtually different in every county based on needs and demographics of that county! 4-H is doing more to reach out to Indiana young people by reaching into inner cities. Because urban areas tend to not have a strong tradition of 4-H, Purdue Extension is creating new programs in heavily urban Lake, Marion and Allen counties to attract more young people there. During the Lake County Fair I will be judging a few projects and attending various fair events as well as interacting with 4H members at Purdue's Round-Up and 4H camp! If you happen to see me there, please come introduce yourself! I would love to meet you!

    If you are interested in a more extensive discussion about extension or want to be a Purdue Extension intern, you can contact me at allen129@purdue.edu or watch this video! http://youtu.be/kLz_hHHFN8w