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Organic and/or Grass-fed Beef
  1. Forage and Reproduction (Video) (coming soon!!)
  2. Starting out in grass-fed beef (Ext. Bulletin) (coming soon!!)
  3. USDA Grass-fed Standards (USDA Rule)
  4. Considerations for Grass-fed Beef and Dairy Producers (Extension Article)
  5. Body Condition Scoring (Video)
  6. Glossary of Beef Terms (Extension Bulletin)
  7. Beef Marketing Alternatives (Extension Article)
  8. Organic, Natural and Grass-fed Beef: Profitablity and Constraints to Production in the Midwestern United States (Extension Article)
  9. Extension.org Clearinghouse of Beef Factsheets
  10. Farming with Grass (USDA Publication)


Organic and/or Grass-fed Dairy

  1. Organic Dairy Producer Profiles (Extension Website)
  2. Issues Surrounding the Use of Distillers’ Grains
    by the Indiana Dairy Industry (Extension Bulletin)
  3. Organic Milk Marketing (Extension Bulletin)
  4. Resource List for Organic and Pasture-based Dairies (ATTRA/USDA Website)
  5. Value of Distillers' Grain Ethanol Co-Products to Dairy Replacements (Extension Bulletin)
  6. Value of Distillers' Grains to Lactating Dairy Cows (Extension Bulletin)
  7. Grass based and Seasonal Dairying (Extension Article)
  8. Marketing Organic Milk (Extension Article)
  9. Summary of Economic Studies on Organic Dairying (Extension Article)
  10. The Market for Organic Milk (Indiana) (Extension Article)
  11. Farming with Grass (USDA Publication)
  12. General Guidelines for Managing Pastures for Dairy Cows (Extension Publication)

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