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Forage and Pasture Management Information for Organic, Grass-fed and Pasture-raised Livestock
  1. Intensive Grazing in Indiana (Extension Bulletin)
  2. Q and A with Purdue Forage Specialist, Dr. Keith Johnson (Webpage)
  3. Selecting the right legume (Extension Bulletin)
  4. Improving Pastures by Renovation (Extension Bulletin)
  5. Sampling Forages (Video)
  6. Double Crop Annuals (Video)
  7. Oats, Turnips, and Other Small Grains (Video)
  8. Minimizing Tall Fescue Toxicosis (Extension Bulletin)
  9. Identifying Forages (Webpage)
  10. Scott Royer on forage turnips (Video) (Royer Website)
  11. Scott Royer on sorghum Sudan grass (Video) (Royer Website)
  12. Link to all of ATTRA/USDA Forage Management Factsheets (Website)
  13. Field and Row Crops and Pasture and Range Systems (Extension Bulletin)
  14. Farming with Grass (USDA Publication)
  15. General Guidelines for Managing Pastures for Dairy Cows (Extension Publication)


Manure and Fertilizer Management

  1. Animal Manure as a Plant Nutrient Source (Extension Bulletin)
  2. Land Application of Animal Manure (Extension Bulletin)
  3. Land Application of Municipal and Industrial Biosolids (Extension Bulletin)



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