Welcome to the Purdue Dairy Digest!

Purdue Dairy Digest is a podcast series, created by Purdue Extension Animal Scientists, designed to be a resource for industry information. A new podcast will be available every other week for free download by noon on Wednesday. Each podcast will run about two minutes and will include both information directed to dairy farmers and some general information for the public.

Every first and third Wednesday of the month, Purdue Extension Dairy Specialists, Dr. Tamilee Nennich, Dr. Mike Schutz, and others, will speak about topics important to both producers and consumers to help bridge the gap between the two. Podcasts will include information on general dairy topics, management issues, animal welfare, updates on upcoming conferences and meetings and more.

The podcasts are intended to be used and shared by producers and others in agriculture. Each podcast has a 15 second introduction and 5 seconds of silence, followed by approximately 90 seconds of information. Podcasts can also be accessed for free on iTunes by searching “Purdue Dairy Digest”. We hope that you enjoy the Purdue Dairy Digest.

To download an episode, right click on the episode name and choose"download linked file", "save link as", or "save target as" depending on your browser.

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Number Episode
1 Mycotoxins
2 Net Merit Selection Index
3 Forage Harvesting and Dairy Diets
18 Somatic Cell Counts- The Situation
17 Dairy management highlighted at Kentuckiana Dairy Exchange
20 The Importance of Your Somatic Count
19 Colostrum in your Dairying Program
21 Harvesting and Storing Silages
22 Controling Environmental Mastitis
24 Cooling Dry Cows
25 Farm Safety
26 Antibiotic Residues in Milk
23 Controlling Contagious Mastitis
27 Crossbreeding in the Dairy Industry
28 Zearalenone and Feeding Dairy Heifers
29 Tail Docking
30 Raw Milk
31 Fall Manure Applications
32 Jack Albright-Pioneer Dairy Producer
33 Heifer Research Update
34 Grazing Genetics
35 The Carbon Footprint of Dairy
36 Winter Calf Care/Keeping Colustrum Usable
37 Milking in Cold Weather
38 Milk Replacer Feeding Programs
39 Changing Consumer Preferences
40 The Transition Cow
41 Indiana Livestock, Forage, and Grain Forum
42 Manure Management Record-Keeping
43 Fatty Liver Disease
44 Dairy Beef Quality Assurance
45 2011 Indiana Regional Dairy Meetings
46 Automatic Milking Systems
47 Birds and your Dairy
48 High Corn Prices and Your Dairy
50 Dairy Cattle and Drug Residues
49 Replacement Heifer Research Update
51 National Dairy FARM Program
52 Feed Shrink and Potential Feed Losses
53 The Dairy Checkoff
54 Dairy Cattle Diets
55 Dairy Consumer Preferences
56 Lameness
57 Rubber Matting
58 Potassium in Dairy Cattle Diets
59 Dietary Fiber in Dairy Rations
60 Updating the Somatic Cell Count Situation
61 Milk Quality Tests
62 Happy Memorial Day
63 Your Cow's Medicine Cabinet
64 2011 Kentuckyiana Dairy Exchange
65 Role of Protein in Dairy Cattle Diets Part 1
66 Role of Protein in Dairy Cattle Diets Part 2
67 Happy Independence Day!!
68 Reducing Heat Stress
69 Ready, Aim, Inject!
70 Precision Dairying
71 Running of the Bulls?
72 Bull Safety
73 Check that Forage-Nitrates in Forages
75 Corn Silage Harvesting Tips
74 Hold that Trailer!!
76 Happy Labor Day!
77 Standard Plate Counts
78 Preliminary Incubation Counts
79 Lab Pasteurization Counts
80 Fall Manure Management
81 Indiana Fertilizer Applicator Certification
82 Feed Efficiency
83 Cow Tipping
84 Anaerobic Digestion
85 Feeding Heifers DDGs
86 Dairy Breeds in Black and White
87 Happy Thanksgiving!
88 Preparing Your Dairy for Winter
89 Black and White, and Red All Over
90 Holiday on a Dairy Farm
91 Assessing your Human Resources
93 Happy Holidays!!
94 Motivating Employees
95 Keeping Records on your Dairy Operation
96 Indiana Spring Dairy Meetings
97 Barriers to Communication
98 Dairy Facillities
99 Cultural Sensitivity for Employees
100 Dairy Judging
101 Managing Farm and Family
102 DCAD prevents milk fever in dairy diets
103 Prioritizing Management Time

Milk Urea Nitrogen

105 Cooling Cows in the Spring
106 BMR Hybrids
107 Automatic Calf Feeders
108 Milk's Freezing Point
109 Pasteurization's 150th Anniversary
110 Forage Maturity
111 Milk Feeding Study
112 Body Condition Scoring Dairy Cows
113 Water Intake is Critical
114 Knowing Your Consumers Preferences in Important
115 Happy Memorial Day
116 Consumer Views on Dairy Product Attributes
117 Fluid Milk Purchasing Trends
118 Indiana's New CFO Rules
119 Yogurt and ice cream purchases by consumers
120 Happy Independence Day!!
121 The Dairy Digest Turns 100!!
122 Drought Stratagies for Dairy Cattle
123 Consumer Labeling and Decision Making
124 Heat Stress in Dairy Calves
125 Year of the Dairy Cow

Food Safety and Import vs Domestic Products

127 Coping with Aflatoxins
128 The Fermentation When Making Silage
129 Happy Labor Day
130 Decisions for treating mastitis
131 Feed Delivery Methods for Dairy Heifers
132 Energy Audits and your Dairy
133 Dairy Bedding
134 Silage Management
135 Comprehensive Nutrient Management Programs
136 Making Decisions in Volatile Times
137 Dry Cow Treatment
138 Willingness to Pay for Yogurt Production Attributes
139 Decision Traps

Happy Thanksgiving

141 Supplementing Potassium to Dairy Cows
142 Food Safety and Animal Welfare Perceptions
143 Condensed Distiller Soulbles
144 Milk for Santa
145 Merry Christmas!
146 Happy New Year
147 New Year's Resolutions
148 Meeting Updates
149 Are You Willing to Handle Raw Meat?
150 Cow Hygiene Scoring
151 Ropey Milk
152 Shopping for Ice Cream-Consumer Preferences
153 Dairy Beef Quality and Antibiotics
154 The North American Intercollegiate Dairy Challenge
155 Needle Selection and Care
156 Indiana Fertilizer Use Rule
157 Fresh Cow Monitoring
158 Evaluating Forage Supplies
159 Forage Stands
160 Causes of Hypocalcemia (Milk Fever)
161 Treatment and Prevention of Hypocalcemia (Milk Fever)
162 Bedding Dairy Cows on Sand
163 Pricing Corn Silage
164 Vegatative Filter Strips
165 Waterbeds for your Cows
166 Contracts for Raising Dairy Heifers
167 Happy Memorial Day
168 Using Recycled Manure as Bedding
169 Pack Barns
170 Forage Particle Sizing
171 Kentuckiana Dairy Exchange
172 Happy Independence Day
173 Effects of Long Day Lighting
174 Considerations for Compost Bedded Pack Barns
175 Managing the Compost Pack Barn
176 Preparing to Harvest Corn Silage
177 Grain Inclusion Levels for Dairy Heifers
178 Its Milk Feeding Time
179 Dairy Outlook
180 Dry Cow Diets
181 Happy Labor Day
182 The Changing Dairy Industry Structure
183 Using Sexed Semen in you Dairy Herd
184 World Dairy Expo
185 Preparing for AI, semen handling techniques
186 Supplementing Biotin to Dairy Cows
187 Calving Procedures
188 Conception Rates vs Pregnancy Rates
189 Niacin
190 Strategies to Improve Preganacy Rates
191 Winter Calf Feeding
192 Happy Thanksgiving
193 Folate in Dairy Rations
194 The Importance of Choline in Dairy Rations
195 What's up with this Year's Corn Silage Crop?
196 Merry Christmas!
197 Happy New Year
198 2014 Dairy Meetings
199 Calf Bedding Choices
200 Calf Nesting Scores
201 Automatic Calf Feeders
202 Voluntary Waiting Period
203 Respiratory Health of Calves
204 Heifer Breeding Programs
205 Risk Management in Marketing
206 Heifer Management Programs
207 Birds and Your Dairy Farm
208 Toxicants and Bird Control
209 Body Condition Scoring-2014
210 Purdue Legacy Dairy Sale
211 Evaluating Forages in the Spring
212 Integrated Bird Management
213 Evaluating Forage Quality and Forage Inventories
214 Ketosis in Dairy Cows
215 Predictive Transmitting Abilities
216 Traits for Genetic Selection
217 What does Reliability Mean in Genetic Terms?
218 Honor Memorial Day
219 Genetic Selection Indexes
220 US Selection Indices
221 2014-KentuckIana Dairy Exchange Tour
222 Maintain Your Milking Equipment
223 Have a Happy Independence Day!
224 Eliminating Biofilms in the Dairy Operation
225 Dairy Producers and the Beef Checkoff
226 Milk vs Milk Replacer
227 Silage Inoculants
228 Results of a Calf Starter Study
229 State Fair!
230 Extension's Cenntenial
231 Happy Labor Day!!!
232 Cow Culling
233 Water
234 Send Your Cull Cows to Rehab
235 Heifer Research Feeding NFC Diets
236 Total Mixed Rations
237 Indiana State Forage Field Day

Margin Protection Meetings

239 Milking Parlor Etiquette
240 Locomotion
241 Reducing Calf Stress
242 Genetic Base Change
243 Grazing Merit Index
244 Happy Thanksgiving!!
245 Its Half-time, time to rest. . . Not!

Silage Kernal Processing

247 Research into Shade and Production
248 Merry Christmas
249 Happy New Year
250 Upcoming Dairy Meetings
251 Are Parasites Robbing You?
252 Changes Afoot
253 Tempurature Monitoring in Dairy Cattle
254 California Mastitis Test
255 Colstrum Replacers
256 Farm Succession Planning
257 Setting goals for Your Milking Operation
258 Selecting the Right Group Size for Your Calves
259 Feeding Dry Cows
260 Genomic Selection
261 Genomic Testing
262 Genomic Improvement
263 Forage Considerations in a Wet Spring
264 Flooding and your Dairy Farm
265 Getting Ready for Corn Silage
266 Safety at Silage Cutting Time
267 The Dangers of Silage Gas
268 Results of the Milk Balancer Study
269 Perception is Reality
270 Animal Agriculture Perceptions
271 Dairy's Reputation
272 California Mastitis Test Today
273 CMT Scoring
274 Santa and Milk
275 New Year's Resolutions
276 Saving in Tough Milk Times
277 Dairy Outlook 2016
278 Indiana's Outstanding Producers
279 Trends in Indiana Dairy Farms
280 Indiana Dairy Farm Number Trends
281 Spring Forage Inventory
282 Forage Inventory Planning
283 Milk Processing Advances in Indiana
284 Fan Maintenance and Efficency
285 Cow Cooling
286 Tail Switch Trimming
287 Summer Mastitis Control
288 Fly Control
289 Fly Control Practices
290 Biological Fly Control
291 Chemical Fly Control
292 Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD)
293 VCPR and others in the Veterinary Word Soup
294 Beware of Manure Gasses
295 Skid Steer Loader Safety Tips
296 Be Careful When Using the Skid Loader More Tips
297 Healthy Santa
298 2017 Dairy Outlook
299 Cold Weather and Your Calves
300 Avoid Needle Sticks
301 Outstanding Dairy Producers
302 Dryoff Methods
303 Selective Dryoff Therapy
304 Days Dry
305 Calf Care and Future Milk Yield
306 Genomic Accuracy
307 Genetic Gains with Genomics
308 Forages and Inoculants
309 Heat Stress
310 Heat Stress and Dry Cows
311 Getting Ready to Go To The Show
312 Southern Corn Rust
313 Selection for Gestation Length
314 Genetics Of Gestation Length
315 300th Anniversary Edition-TBD
316 The Mycotoxin Don
317 Factors that Contribute to low Colustrum Yield
318 Low Lignin Alfalfa
319 Water Quality and your Herd
320 Milk and Christmas
321 Rumen Microbes, its Stability and your Cow
322 Dairy Consumption and News about IN Regional Dairy Meetings
323 The Dairy Checkoff
324 Update from the Indiana Regional Dairy Meetings
325 Feeding Fat Supplements
326 Dean Foods and the Milk Supply
327 The Tri-State Dairy Nutrition Conference is coming up soon
328 Ensiling Corn Silage
329 Body Condition Scoring and its effect of Reproduction
330 The Impact That Inflammation has on Liver Function
331 Farewell Mike Schutz
332 California Milk Marketing Order and its effects
333 The Science Behind A2 Milk
334 Reminders about Corn Silage Harvest
335 Milking Frequency
336 Consumer Perceptions of Milk
337 Value of Dairy Products for an Aging Population
338 Dairy Tariff Relief
340  Lung Ultrasonography to Assess Health in Calves
341 So Much Cheese!!!
342 Photoperiod in Milk Production
343 Facial Recognition in the Dairy
344 The Use of Genomics to Predict Future Health Outcomes in Dairy Cattle
345 The Optimal Range for Milk Urea Nitrogen in Dairy Cattle
346 Offshore Dairy farming
347 Take Homes from Indiana Dairy Forum
348 Fever and nasal discharge, must be pneumonia? 
349 Why are dairy producers using beef semen? 
350 Now is the time to think about heat abatement
351 What to Look for When Alfalfa is Scouted in the Early Spring
352 Update from Tri-State Dairy Nutrition Conference
353 Flies are not a cow's best friend
354 The Rise of Animal Rights Activism on Dairy Farms
355 What if Cows Were Jet Lagged Every Three Days?
356 Disaster areas, prevented planting acres and the Dairy Producer
357 Employee Relations on the Farm
358 Vitamin Recheck
359 Intramammary Antibiotic_Use
360 Annual Global Agenda on Sustainable Livestock
361 The World Dairy Expo
362 SubClinical Hypocalcemia
363 Dean Foods Bankruptcy
364 Digital Agriculture and Dairy Cows
365 What Calves Want at Christmas
366 Borden Dairy Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy
367 Starbucks and Dairy
368 Recent Calf Nutrition and Management Research
369 Heat Treating Colostrum
370 Why are dairy farms dumping milk?
371 Should I start feeding my calves milk instead of milk replacer?
372 Can I dump milk into my manure storage? 
373 Is there an optimal cull rate?
374 CFAP payments
375 High Class III prices may not reflect higher milk checks
376 In utero heat stress
377 Hypocalcemia in Dairy Cattle
378 Can cameras reduce mastitis?
379 Heifer Masttitis
380 Cholesterol Deficiency
381 Ketosis: Is It a Disease?
382 Can seaweed help the dairy industry become carbon neutral?
383 Optimal bodyweight at first calving
384 Dietary Guidelines for Americans
385 Commodity Prices
386 A Tour of Rumen Microbials
387 Buttergate