Department of Animal Sciences
Purdue University

The Purdue University Animal Sciences Beef Research and Education Center is composed of two sites, 1) The Calvert Beef Unit and 2) The Scholer Beef Unit. The herd is composed of approximately 250 cows and 70 replacement heifers.

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Buildings/Barns at The Calvert Research & Education Unit Photos
Metabolism Center/Office Complex
The building contains a lab area, metabolism rooms, a conference room, and three offices. The two metabolism rooms each contain eight crates used for individual collection of fecal and urine samples. The laboratory area is conveniently located between the two metabolism rooms. This building also contains an oven drying room used drying feedstuffs and other research samples.
Office Building

Metabolism Room

Management A & B
These two buildings are very similar. They house a total of 27 pens used for grouped feeding or spring calving. one large heated classroom that converts to a calving room with several pens.
Management B
Nutrition A & B
Both Nutrition A & B contain 24 pens used for calculating individual animal feed intakes.  Feed dispensed is closely recorded by beef unit personnel while water consumed is accounted for through base monitors on the waters.
Nutrition A
ID Barn
This barn contains 48 pens for individual animal feeding. The pen floors are slatted for waste management.  Temperature is controlled by adjustable curtains on both sides. 
Inside ID Barn

Single Pen (in ID Barn)

Outside ID Barn

East and West Barns
These are slatted floor finishing barns, which are flushed to a two-stage lagoon. The pens can be set-up in two ways 1) 16 pens holding 8 head/pen or 2) 32 pens holding 4 head/pen. Temperature is controlled by way of adjustable curtains.
Feed Center
All feed is stored in large silos for future feeding. Feedstuffs include a variety of silages, haylages, and high moisture corn. There are seven small bins used for storage of supplements and dry ingredients. Feed is mixed and delivered via feed wagons or manually (by hand) depending upon the research project.
Feed Center
Inside the Feed Center

Feed Wagon

Small Silos

The Calvert Beef Unit has nine mounded lots. Used mainly in winter when cattle need to be dry lotted and delivered harvested feedstuffs. Mounds are sloped to allow proper moisture drainage to a nearby retention pond. The mounded lots are also used as feedlot pens if necessary.
East Handling (Feedlot side)
This area contains loadout facilities as well as sorting pens, a working chute, scales, and a crowd tub for handling and processing cattle.
Loading Chute

Crowd Tub

West handling (Cow side)
This area has sorting pens, a crowd tub, scales, a loadout area, and two squeeze chutes.  This area is used for processing cattle and artificial insemination during breeding season.
A two stage lagoon system is used for manure managment. Second stage lagoon water is used for flushing and refilling the pits in the feedlot barns.

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