Welcome, students interested in ANSC 22100, Principles of Animal Nutrition (previously called ANSC 221P and ANSC 221Y). This course is being offered online from Purdue University. A URL with the course syllabus (may not be current) is http://www.ansc.purdue.edu/courses/Animal_Nutrition_Online.htm . The course is asynchronous and self-paced; you proceed at your own pace and can work quickly, or we generally allow extra time to finish (for more, see below). Registration is continuous, but for when the official registration will apply (Spring, Summer, Fall) contact us.

Registration for the course can be accomplished by visiting the website https://www.distance.purdue.edu/courses/ and choose the "Undergraduate" drop down, then choose "Individual Courses", then "Non-Degree Credit Courses" where ANSC 22100 is listed; click on the ANSC 22100 Application Instructions for access to the online application. For specific questions, contact Purdue Digital and Professional Education, email:  PurdueOnlineLearning@purdue.edu, phone 765-494-9689 (email preferred).. .

Those who wish to begin the course immediately should contact Dr. Forsyth (dforsyth@purdue.edu), but your official inclusion in the course is dependent upon payment of fees. Please see the website for current fees.

For specific instructions for getting into Blackboard and starting the course, contact Dale Forsyth, Email: dforsyth@purdue.edu.

One thing you should do early is to find a suitable proctor for your exams. There will be three (3) exams for which you will need a proctor. The exams will be conventional, on-paper exams, about 1 hour in length for exams 1 and 2 and 2-hours for the final (comprehensive) exam. The proctor should be a responsible person such as a teacher, county extension educator, learning center official, librarian, or similar person who is not related to you nor is your immediate employer/supervisor. You and your proctor will determine the time of the exam and you will request Dr. Forsyth send the proctor the exam.

If you register and then decide to withdraw, the Purdue policy is for a graduated refund beginning at 80% and withdrawal is only allowed for a short time after you register. Do not register if you are not sure you will complete the course. You may complete the course and receive a grade in the semester in which you begin (ideal situation), or you may complete the course during the following term under normal circumstances. (Purdue University has regulations regarding completion of an incomplete grade which are more lenient, and will be followed in extenuating circumstances when you cannot finish the following term for valid reasons.)

You should become familiar with the way Blackboard operates and the tools it has. You should communicate frequently with your instructor.  I expect you to monitor the bulletin board there for discussions and announcements of current issues. I want this to be a meaningful and pleasurable learning experience, and I want you to help me to make that happen.

If you have questions or difficulties, let me know. My email (outside of Blackboard) is dforsyth@purdue.edu, and my phone number is 765-494-4841.

Welcome aboard,