Breeding Soundness Examinations AS-526-W


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Breeding Soundness Examinations AS-526-W

Breeding Soundness Examination (BSE)

A breeding soundness exam includes an evaluation of :


Following is a brief description of how a BSE is conducted and examples of some common problems.

General Structural & Health Observations

Diagram of Bull Reproductive Anatomy

Reproductive Anatomy

Reproductive Anatomy

Scrotal Circumference A scrotal circumference measurement is a meaningful selection trait for yearling bulls.

Scrotal Circumference

Preparation for Semen Collection

Inserting Rectal Probe


Semen Collection

The following are some common penis abnormalities and injuries.

Persistent Penile Frenulum (Often referred to as a “tagged penis”)

Persistent Penile Frenulum


Penile Lacerations

Hair Ring

Corkscrew Deviation

The Ejaculate

Routine Assessment of Semen Quality

Semen Evaluation

Semen Evaluation

Examples of Abnormal Sperm

Abnormal Sperm

Examples Of Abnormal Sperm (All present in same ejaculate,)

Bloody Semen

Observe bulls closely during the breeding season to confirm that they are finding and mating cows that are in heat.

Injuries that may occur during the breeding season.

Common Injuries During the Breeding Season


Managing the Newly Purchased IBEP Bull ( See the current sale catalog for more details.)


Author: Wayne Singleton