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Step 1 Diagram

Step 1:
Identify the female in standing heat. Provide face-to-face contact with a mature, "ranty" boar.


Step 2 Diagram

Step 2:
Position the catheter more horizontally and continue to gently move it forward until resistance is felt. This should indicate that the tip is at the cervical opening.


Step 3 Diagram

Step 3:
Connect the bottle/tube to the shaft of the catheter and hold in an upright position. Initiate semen flow by application of gentle pressure on the bottle/tube. Gentle, alternating movement of the catheter may enhance flow of semen. Stimulate the female via back pressure, rubbing the underline and flank area. Be patient, some females will "take" the semen with little or no pressure being applied to the bottle/tube, while others may require alternating pressure on the bottle/tube. Allow 2 1/2 to 3 minutes, minimum, per female. Some require more time than others. DO NOT RUSH.

When completed, gently rotate the catheter in a clockwise fashion and remove. Properly dispose of the equipment. DO NOT REUSE. Record and score the mating.

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