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Energy Concentration of High-Oil Corn Varieties for Pigs

Olayiwola Adeola
Department of Animal Sciences
Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN 47907

N. L. Bajjalieh
DuPont Agricultural Products, Decatur, IL


ABSTRACT: Growth performance and utilization of nutrients and energy in three high-oil corn varieties (5.4 to 9.7% ether extract) and regular corn (4.2% ether extract) were compared in three experiments using growing pigs. Twenty-four 25-kg crossbred barrows were used in the first experiment to evaluate nutrient and energy digestibility in the three high-oil corn varieties and regular corn. Four diets were formulated to contain 97% of one of four varieties of corn (Control, TC1, TC2 and X122 varieties) and 3% minerals and vitamins. Digestibilities of nitrogen and ether extract were similar (P > .05) for regular corn and all three varieties of high-oil corn. The digestible energy concentrations (kcal/g; as-fed basis) for control, TC1, TC2 and X122 corn varieties were 3.29, 3.57, 3.4, and 3.41, respectively; with control lower (P < .05) than TC2 or X122 and TC1 higher (P < .05) than TC2 or X122. Metabolizable energy concentrations averaged 98.4% of digestible energy concentrations. In the second experiment, four diets formulated to contain 79% of one of the four corn varieties, 18.25% 48% CP soybean meal, 2.45% vitamins and minerals and .3% lysine•HCl were fed to 24 crossbred barrows (six pigs per diet) in a nutrient and energy balance study similar to the first experiment. Results were similar to those obtained in Exp. 1. The same four diets that were used in Exp. 2 were fed to forty (10/diet) 20-kg crossbred pigs (20 barrows and 20 gilts) in a 28-d growth performance study (Exp. 3). Gain:feed ratios were .39, .43, .42, and .42 and growth rates (kg/d) were .68, .74, .7, and .72; for diets containing control, TC1, TC2 and X122 corn varieties, respectively. These translate to 8-10% improvement in feed efficiency and a numerical improvement in weight gain (3 to 9%) when high-oil corn was fed as compared with control corn. The results of nitrogen, ether extract, and energy balance and feeding experiments with growing pigs indicate efficient utilization of nutrients in diets containing high-oil corn.

Key Words: High-oil Corn, Energy, Nitrogen, Growth Performance, Pigs

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