Purdue University

Livestock Judging Team


      Coached by

Matthew C. Claeys

A.S., Black Hawk East Community College; B.S., University of Illinois; M.S., Auburn University

Phone: (765) 494-4834    Office: LILY 3-223

Email: mclaeys@ansc.purdue.edu

What is the Livestock Judging Team Experience?

      Participation on the livestock judging team is an opportunity for students to enhance their decision making and communications skills, broaden their knowledge of animal production and performance records, learn from and meet the industry leaders, and compete with college students from across the country.   Judging team members learn to apply scientific principles of animal growth and composition, evaluation, and selection of various species.   Livestock judging team members learn to evaluate breeding and market classes of beef cattle, swine, and sheep.   Production data and various environmental scenarios will accompany the livestock classes to further advance the working knowledge of the industry and production situations.
      Livestock judging competitions are held throughout the United States to challenge the students and determine what knowledge and communication skills have been obtained.   These competitions consists of classes of animals that contest contestants and official committee members place.   Students' placing are compared to the officials' placing and scored based on the cut system.   Following the placing portion of the contest, each student presents their "oral reasons" on the classes to defend their decisions.   Those students that are the most convincing and accurate receive the highest scores.   Following the competition, an awards ceremony is held to recognize the teams and individuals that excelled in the event.

What Successful People say about Judging Teams

"Participating on the collegiate livestock judging team has been the single most important activity in my life, in terms of developing confidence in my ability to make logical decisions and communicate with peers in the business world."

Daniel J. Wyant
Director of Michigan Department of Agriculture
1980 Michigan State University Livestock Judging Team

"Life is full of decisions, often involving multiple factors to be considered.   Participation on judging teams teaches students to effectively weigh the evidence, then making sound decisions.   The judging team experience enhances analytical skills and better prepares ones for success in life."

Harold Brubaker
North Carolina Speaker of the House of Representatives
Pennsylvania 4-H Dairy Judging Team

"The judging team experience enhances the student's organizational, decision making, and communication skills that employers seek.   Few activities provide students with the opportunity for personal development such as judging teams.   I strongly encourage students to participate in the judging programs."

Jeffrey Armstrong
Department Head
Department of Animal Sciences
Purdue University

"Being a member of a Livestock Judging Team can be the most dynamic factor in a young persons life due to mind development, communication skills, presentation ability, memory exercise, decision making and confidence building.   You meet and get to know friends and business contacts that last a lifetime."

Craig Sherbahn
Manager Premier Stockman
1973 National Champion
Purdue Livestock Judging Team

"Few forms of educational training can compare with the judging team experience when it comes to preparing future leaders for agriculture and particularly the livestock industry.   The necessity for making fast and accurate decisions based on sound logical analysis is such a key to success in life.   Few things in my life have resulted in a greater return per time invested than my judging team experience at Purdue."

Jim Gillooly
Colbert Farms
1965 Purdue Livestock Judging Team

"While on the livestock judging team, I had to make a decision, write an observation, and in two minutes, convince someone else what I had done was right and why.   Very similar to what I do in my job today.   This experience gave me more confidence as a decision maker."

Mrs. Jill Greene
Vice President and Team Leader
Meylocks & Priebe Advertising, Inc.
West Des Moines, IA.
1977 Purdue Livestock Judging Team

"Being on the livestock judging team was the greatest and most memorable experience while attending Purdue.   The chance to visit all the top livestock farms and personally meet the breeders has been a great asset.   Most of all it is the life long friendships made with the team and other teams and their coaches.   You can't get all of this out of a book.

Dick Nash
Nash Hamps
Sharpsville, IN
1961 Purdue Team

Livestock Judging Teams at Purdue University

      To enhance the development and marketable skills of Purdue University students, the Department of Animal Sciences offers students the opportunity to participate on the livestock judging team in the spring and the fall semesters.
      Participants on the Purdue Judging Team compete nationally in the judging of beef, swine, and sheep.   Some of the contest attended annually include the All East Contest, the National Barrow Show in Austin, Minnesota, the American Royal in Kansas City, the North American in Louisville, Kentucky, the Dixie National in Jackson, Mississippi, and the National Western in Denver, Colorado.   Contests will consist of 12 classes of breeding and market animals and reasons designated classes.   Students should take ANSC. 401 A in the spring semester and ANSC. 401 A in the fall semester.   Coach of the Purdue University Livestock Judging Team is Matt Claeys.