Safety with Beef

Testing and inspection ensure that the beef industry distributes only the most wholesome, safest food to the public. Nevertheless, it is important when you prepare food at home, to know the proper cooking techniques to ensure optimal safety. Always follow the four keys to proper preparation of beef:

In these three videos Dr. Waddell relates the ever so important rules that insure that the food you prepare in your kitchen is wholesome and safe.

Minding your beef's temperature before during and after
the meal is important to food safety

Dr. Jolena Waddell explains why watching the temperature of your beef is a vital link in eating safety.


Safe beef handling procedures

Handling the raw product in a safe manner is vital to prevent food born illnesses. In this video, Dr. Waddell illustrates the proper ways to handle uncooked beef and avoid cross-contamination with your cooked product.

Food safety risks concerning beef

Dr. Waddell explains why food safety is so vital in your kitchen. Food intoxication and infections are two types of food borne illnesses that must be avoided.

Beef Color

The color of fresh beef is a matter of chemistry.
Dr. Waddell explains how beef color can be related to
the storage condition of your beef, as well as,
its palatibilty and safety.