The Collegiate Livestock Coaches Association is comprised of university coaches from across the country, that are dedicated to providing a unique opportunity to develop students knowledge, communication skills, personal character and leadership capabilities. Through the educational settings beyond the traditional classroom, livestock judging programs provides the opportunity to enhance and strengthen the employment skills and marketability of the graduates from each institution.


Livestock judging programs are designed to enhance a student’s confidence, decision-making and organization skills, self discipline, and the ability to accept criticism. Through livestock judging programs, students should be more competitive in their chosen career path. Livestock judging programs benefit the traditional animal science students by broadening their background and exposure to various operations, but also benefits the nonagricultural student by exposing them to the animal sciences industries and careers that agriculture has to offer. Industries are recruiting graduates that can organize and assimilate information to solve problems and create opportunities. All of these attributes result in the development of the future leaders and innovators of the industry.